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Scarlet Witch #6

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Wanda’s loyalties are tested when an enemy of the Kree/Skrull Empire falls through the Last Door desperate for help avenging their fallen comrades. Will Wanda honor the commitment she made to helping those in need – whoever they are – or will her love for her son Wiccan and his husband, Hulkling, triumph over all?

PLUS: A familiar figure appears at Wanda’s shop…and it seems rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated. But does he come as friend or foe?

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  • 100

    Scarlet Witch is easily the best Marvel ongoing series on stands right now. This issue is another satisfying and electrifying adventure for Wanda Maximoff, one that involves her relationship with Wiccan, Hulkling, and an unlikely cosmic ally. Steve Orlando’s script knows just how to make this a self-contained, but significant chapter, and Lorenzo Tammetta’s art folds perfectly into the work that Sara Pichelli is already doing. This series is nothing short of excellent.

  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Orlando has been giving Wanda a respectably enjoyable tour of the Marvel Universe through the pages of her own book. It was only a matter of time before Wanda ended up visiting family. She’s going to be getting a visit from a more notable member of her family for issue #7, which should be great fun given Orlando’s distinct writing style. It’s been fun so far. Hopefully, Orlando can keep it interesting on all levels the way he does with issue #6.

  • 95


    Doling out help to those that need it, no matter how far or how hard, is Wanda Maximoff’s mission and it takes a personal slant in the latest issue of Scarlet Witch. Numerous changes expand the energy this series has already been radiating, creating something fun and bright living right in the heart of the Marvel Universe.

  • 90

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Orlando delivers a great adventure in this issue. The story is filled with great action and thrills as well as great moments between Wanda and Billy. I like the dynamic with Ganymede and the tension throughout the story is great. The issue has some great build up and comes together beautifully to a finale that makes me excited to pick up the next issue.

    The Art: Tammetta and Pichelli deliver beautiful art throughout the issue. The visuals are bright, detailed and filled with great action and energy.

  • 90

    Major Spoilers

    The most shocking moment of all comes at the end of The Scarlet Witch #6, as Darcy calls in a metal specialist who has a lot of history with Wanda, but the overall package is excellent, as Orlando continues to play with the history of the Marvel Universe, continuing to show us The Scarlet Witch as a heavyweight player and looking great as it does. I can’t wait to see how she deals with the return of Magneto next time around.

  • 88

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    The Last Door concept allows Wanda’s story to be limited solely by Orlando’s imagination. SCARLET WITCH #6 is the most ambitious use of the idea yet. Unfortunately, going larger in concept diminished what the series does best and the result is a weaker issue than the series usually delivers.

  • 85


    Scarlet Witch #6 is a real treat for fans of Wanda Maximoff, particularly her complex but loving relationship with her son Billy and his husband, Teddy. The issue is chock-full of gorgeous art by the talented Lorenzo Tammetta and unparalleled Sara Pichelli with continuously stunning color from Frank William, which all perfectly compliments the meaningful, exciting, and well-crafted dialogue by Steve Orlando. While not connected to a larger arc, Scarlet Witch #6 is well worth the read and delivers on its promise, serving up a delicious tray of family drama with a crisp sip of brutal action on the side.

  • 80


    This issue is a great example of everything good about this Scarlet Witch series. It’s an overall simple, nearly done-in-one story that is full of character and energy. It’s both new and feels tied into the rest of Marvel, with plenty of visits from supporting characters in Wanda’s life. Ganymede is a nifty new character with a strong personality and style, and she works nicely alongside Wanda. So from the get-go, we’ve got a nice story partner to work with. And it was always inevitable that Wanda would meet up with her son and son-in-law, and Orlando came up with a great story to make that happen. Freaky Blood Skrulls and their weird side religion? Nifty! All around fun story with fun characters, both new and old.

    And the artwork is as strong as ever. Pichelli has been nigh perfect on this series so far, and if a fill-in was needed, then Tammetta worked wonderfully. I couldn’t tell what was fill-in and what wasn’t. The characters and the action are crisp, the emotions are strong, and the colors are as bright and brilliant as ever on this series. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: Scarlet Witch is a great solo hero series. It’s a bunch of fun little stories with a strong, entertaining protagonist and plenty of connection to the rest of Marvel. That Magneto appearance is especially fun. Man is looking sharp in death.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    Scarlet Witch #6 is yet another example of this series being one of the best comic books Marvel is publishing right now. Steve Orlando, Lorenzo Tammetta and Sara Pichelli know how to tell a full story in one issue that can have a big scope to it while highlighting Wanda Maximoff’s leadership and powers. The hook ending leaves the reader with a lot of questions to look forward to how Orlando will answer.

  • 80


    Everything that Wanda Maximoff has already overcome has only made her stronger. She is a survivor. Her moments with Wiccan in this issue are beautifully written and I loved seeing her dynamic with her son. Her son and his husband are trying to make things better than how they found them, and Wanda is able to provide some thoughtful guidance that made for an impactful scene. Wanda really got to shine in these moments with her son, and it was a great contrast to the fierce Scarlet Witch. Looking forward to seeing what else Steve and the Last Door have in store for the Queen of Chaos.

  • 73

    Geek'd Out

    As with the preceding issues of Scarlet Witch, writer Steve Orlando does a great job here of balancing serialized elements with standalone storytelling, allowing each individual issue to feel like a complete narrative while also nudging things along in a way that lends the series a sense of overall cohesiveness. Some aspects of prior issues are mentioned and invoked (i.e. Darcy’s ongoing saga with Scythia), but not at the expense of making the issue inaccessible to those who may be checking on because they saw their favorite M/M ship on the cover. It sounds like a minor compliment, but it’s refreshing in the wider context of superhero comics, which can often feel plagued by decompressed plotting for the sake of writing for a trade paperback rather than a singular experience. It’s also just exciting to see Orlando get an opportunity to write Billy and Teddy in one comic, considering his excellent prior work with Midnighter & Apollo —their closest counterpart across the aisle in terms of notability— for DC. But above all else, Orlando gives Wanda a warmth and empathy that she’s often not afforded in the wake of her vindication from Krakoan prejudice, and you believe that vulnerable people would trust her with their problems.

    Ongoing artist Sara Pichelli returns from a brief hiatus last issue (joined this time by Lorenzo Tammetta) and they deliver inventive visuals made even better by Frank Williams’ vibrant, deep colors. The art team of Scarlet Witch hasn’t been totally consistent since it began in terms of personnel, but it always looks good regardless, and that’s always the best scenario for rotating artists. I suspect Tammetta did more of the heavy lifting here based on the aesthetic quality of the pages, but it’s not an unwelcome addition. It’s a testament to Orlando, his various artists, and editor Alanna Smith that Scarlet Witch is probably one of Marvel’s best ongoing series at the moment — and Marvel themselves seem to agree with me on that, since last month’s Annual was the prelude to their upcoming, Agatha Harkness-centric Contest of Chaos crossover event. This is as good a place as any to start if you haven’t been following along, but starting from the beginning would also be a great suggestion.

  • 70

    Comic Watch

    If you need Billy and Teddy breadcrumbs and you’ve been loving this series so far, it is absolutely an issue you want to pick up, if you haven’t already.

  • 70

    The Fandom Post

    Scarlet Witch has an okay kind of issue here as I’m not connected much to the characters involved, it feels like a dangling plot being dealt with, and the artwork wasn’t up to what I expected from the series. It has some interesting areas it works with and it engages with providing justice for Ganymede in a way that I wasn’t exactly expecting and that’s left me feeling a bit put off by it all. Which is fine, not every story needs to or should conform to my own values and I like seeing how these characters handle it. It doesn’t make me like Wanda more, however, but it does fit in wit the mindset of someone as powerful as her and with such a distorted view of reality. I’m not exactly keen on what’s to come next either as we get a Magneto nod at the end and that’s a character that I’ve long disconnected from on the comics side, so hopefully there’s enough backstory in order to get an idea of where things stand. I’m still with the book based on the first few issues but I hope to get back to more of that than this.

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