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Scarlet Witch #5

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Just when the Scarlet Witch thinks she’s shielded Darcy Lewis from their new enemy’s vendetta, Scythia returns – covered in armor made from the same antimagic rock Wanda’s been studying. Can Wanda defend Darcy – and herself – against a warrior who’s immune to magic?

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  • 100

    Just when I think Scarlet Witch has peaked in its mastery, it finds ways to outdo itself yet again. This issue continues Wanda and Scythia’s battle in a profound and punch-filled way, with Steve Orlando’s script unfolding effortlessly. Series cover artist Russell Dauterman steps in to the issue’s interiors with stunning results, bringing a gorgeous but grounded flair to both the sweeping sequences, and the individually-constructed panels. Stop sleeping on this comic book, trust me.

  • 100


    ‘Scarlet Witch’ #5 not only closes out the first arc of this series but also completes the journey to bring Wanda Maximoff back to the space within the hero community that she deserves to inhabit. Marvel Comics is really hitting hard with magic-related titles these days, thanks to creative teams like this that have a deep love for the characters and the space but also a desire to take them to bold new places not anchored by the past.

  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    Orlando has kept the series going at an impressively quick pace. It’s been a great deal of fun so far. There’s more than enough charm between Wanda and Darcy in Orlando’s dialogue and Dauterman’s art. The series could be perfectly satisfying running forever with this creative team as Orlando slowly explores every corner of magic in the Marvel Universe…one troubled soul at a time. The series has been a success so far. There’s more to come in the months to come.

  • 95

    Comic Book Revolution

    When it comes to a comic book that is consistently delivers high-level writing and artwork Scarlet Witch has been setting the standard. And Scarlet Witch #5 is possibly the best issue of this young series with the excellent writing from Steve Orlando and masterful artwork by Russell Dauterman. This has everything you want from a superhero comic book.


    For as strong as Orlando’s writing was it was Russell Dauterman artwork that made Scarlet Witch #5 the excellent comic book it was. Dauterman is on another level as an artist and this fight of Scarlet Witch vs Scythia. Whether it was the splash pages or multi-panel pages, the action was choregraphed well to tell a whole story of how Scarlet Witch and Scythia were approaching the fight in the two rounds they had in this issue. While it wasn’t showcased as much as in other issues Dauterman still made sure to spotlight how strong of a magic user Scarlet Witch is.

    Scarlet Witch #5 is yet another example of why this is Marvel’s best comic book series right now. Steve Orlando showcased how Wanda Maximoff’s strength as a character goes beyond her magic powers. Add in the masterful artwork by Russell Dauterman this is a must-have comic book.

  • 90

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    SCARLET WITCH #5 is an action packed issue. Its exciting and high energy throughout. Orlando still finds time to deliver strong character interaction. This series strength is in heartfelt character exploration, and its relieving to see that Orlando can deliver that even in a heavy action issue. As long as that balance is maintained this will remain one of Marvel’s best books.

  • 90

    Comic Watch

    Marvel’s been on their A game as of late when it comes to the magical side of their universe, andScarlet Witchis no exception. Head back to issue one and do some catch up, as this issue is the beautiful cocktail magic of comics in a nutshell. Popcorn excitement, human themes, and beautiful writing have all come together to deliver a book that never fails to impress.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Orlando crafts a fun, engaging and action packed story filled with great moments for the character. The story has a great overall tone and draws in the reader and showcases the growth of Wanda and a wisdom that makes her internal journey more entertaining and compelling. I look forward to seeing where the character’s journey goes next and the cliffhanger at the end of the issue makes me more excited to see what happens next.

    The Art: Dauterman delivers some beautifully detailed and wonderfully engaging art throughout the issue. The visual style is great for both the big action moments as well as the lighters character moments.

  • 84

    The Fandom Post

    There’s a lot to like here in that this culminates Darcy’s arc since the series started and we get it mostly wrapped up. I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone from the Bacchae not agreeing with things and making a stink later, but for now there’s a sense of closure to it and it’ll be good to see how Darcy moves forward from here while both investigating and working the shop – the latter of which is a big plus. Wanda and Scythia’s fight is solid even if it starts off absolutely goofy and the core piece of it about changing traditions is welcome to see being made so clearly. The post-story bit that sets up what’s next looks like it’s just the lead-in to the annual and it focuses on Magneto, so I’m not particularly enthused to cross into that realm at all and may just skip it. Wanda doing Wanda things without getting caught up in all that drama is my sweet spot.

  • 80


    As a back-to-back pair of fights, this issue and its predecessor make for a nice way to wrap up this opening storyline. And this issue is one heck of a fight! The scene where Wanda accepts that she can’t use magic, and puts up her dukes, is as badass and as cool as comic book superheroes get. Wanda goes toe-to-toe with a dangerous foe and we get a classic comic book fisticuff. Dauterman is a spectacular artist, and I’m surprised he doesn’t have interiors for an ongoing series anywhere. He’s so damn good! And this issue, this fight, is no different. It’s a gorgeous issue, full of rich characters and real spectacle.

    And all that spectacle is rooted in strong character work. Wanda remains Wanda throughout, relying on her personality, her skills, and her smarts to turn the tables on her foe and end the battle in a draw, where they actually talk things out. It works perfectly, and ties off this little story nicely. I like this take on Darcy Lewis, and she works as a supporting character to Wanda. Always good to have a sidekick, to have someone to talk with. She definitely needs to meet Zelma Stanton sometime, as the two seem to be identical.

    The first storyline wraps up with a truly awesome superhero brawl, that is both emotionally satisfying, and works wonderfully for the characters involved. This first storyline has laid a very strong foundation for the new adventures of the Scarlet Witch.

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