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Scarlet Witch #4

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The Scarlet Witch’s shopkeeper, Darcy Lewis, has a secret – and when the consequences of that secret result in the annihilation of Wanda’s shop, Wanda Maximoff must choose between protecting her new life or saving her friend’s.

SCARLET WITCH faces SCYTHIA, leader of the Bacchae, in a battle to answer the question: What does it mean to enact justice?

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    Scarlet Witch #4 is another stellar issue of what is set to become one of the Scarlet Witch’s definitive solo series. Orlando, Pichelli, D’Amico, and Wilson give us the backstory and reveals we have been waiting for while setting up what seem to be very action-heavy future issues. This series continues to add new elements to both the Scarlet Witch’s mythos and the greater Marvel Universe’s mythos, while also staying familiar and accessible to fans of Wanda from both the comics and MCU.

  • 100

    Scarlet Witch continues to be truly exceptional, with this week’s issue not only offering another satisfying standalone conflict, but some larger narrative threads for the overall series. To say anything more about the plot would almost undermine the wonderful work that Steve Orlando, Sara Pichelli, and company have done on this book, crafting a near-timeless tale that I can’t wait to read, and to see later issues follow up on.

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    ‘Scarlet Witch’ #4 tackles one of the ongoing mysteries of the series head-on while continuing the character-defining return to heroism development for the title character, placing her at the levels she was always meant to be occupying. There is a comforting, colorful, unique, gorgeous, and magical energy to this series that makes every issue a true delight.

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    Comic Watch

    Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli have become a real tour de force with Wanda, giving her some agency, power, and a demeanor that just oozes confidence, which with Wanda is something that we don’t get a lot in other series that Wanda’s a part of the cast. Often we get a Wanda who is powerful, but there’s always this fear of losing control, but not here. Wanda’s ready to take on the world, and she’s not worried at all. Kudos.

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Scarlet Witch #4 accomplished multiple things. One it begins the first multi-part story arc of Scarlet Witch three one-shot stories to off the series. This is done by going all in on the major sub-plot the first three issues have been building around Darcy Lewis mysterious origins. In the process Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli establish a major threat that is even tough for Scarlet Witch to overcome. (…) Scarlet Witch #4 was another home run for Marvel’s best ongoing series. Steve Orlando and Sara Pichelli create a compelling narrative around Darcy Lewis origin to begin their first big story arc of the series. In the process we get another great showcase of Scarlet Witch’s powers in a different type of fight. We also see how Wanda as a person and hero has grown with her actions in this issue. If you haven’t read Scarlet Witch yet make sure to fix that immediately.

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: An exciting and entertaining story from Steve Orlando. The story is filled with great action and humor. Wanda continues to come into her own as a character and her strength and personality are fantastic to see. The Darcy backstory is great and I really enjoyed the Scythia character and her dynamic with Wanda throughout the issue. The revelation at the end of the issue creates some great drama that I cannot wait to see explored further.

    The Art: Pichelli delivers some fantastic visual thrills throughout the issue. The characters look amazing and the action is visually engaging and stunningly detailed.

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    The Fandom Post

    The Scarlet Witch series has been a great break from how a lot of Marvel books go that I’ve sampled in the last few years as it’s very thoughtful, intentional, and feels like it’s coming from a place where our title character knows and understands the impact of her power. It’s a very big small project that delivers something personal and intriguing while wrapping it in some fantastic artwork and design styles so that it fits the moment. I’m fascinated by this series and what it’s doing because it stands apart from most everything else even while sliding in types of crossover moments along the way. It’s possibly one of the best “quiet” books out there that’s doing some truly great stuff and character work.

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    Darcy Lewis kinda sucks. A crappy journalist who seems to have gotten it into her head that she needs to crusade and put her life at risk for a story, so she ends up killing somebody. I’m not saying she deserves to die by Hippolyta’s hand, but she doesn’t come across as very sympathetic. But perhaps she doesn’t need to be. Perhaps she can be a flawed sidekick. That’s OK too. And it brings us to another excellent issue of a very charming, very personable Wanda Maximoff using some cool magic to take down a classic comic book villain. The fights, writing and artwork remain just phenomenal in this series. This is such a fun, well-rounded comic.

    I don’t have any idea where the Scarlet Witch series is going, and I suppose that doesn’t matter. The mystery of the bauble remains interesting enough to let it keep simmering under the surface. Each of the villains Orlando has brought forth has been a hoot. And I’d be cool with Hippolyta becoming a reoccurring villain. She’s clearly prepared for it. And mixing the villain and the mystery bauble metal works nicely to bridge both stories and make for a bigger threat. So yeah, good things are ahead. Good things all around with this comic!

    Another delightful issue of Scarlet Witch has good characters, great writing, awesome art, cool magic and some good ongoing tales. This is a very well-rounded series.

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    Major Spoilers

    in short, The Scarlet Witch #4 keeps up the string of well-crafted issues, showing us her first meaningful challenge in this series, but maintaining both her mystique and her new status quo, with really well-done art. I’m very much looking forward to the next issue (though, if I know my Marvel six-issue trade paperback publishing strategy the way I think I do, it’s probably going to be part two of three).

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