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Savage Dragon #264

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Paul Dragon’s secrets revealed! Malcolm’s father from another dimension has been something of a mystery man, but at long last, we’ll see how his story diverges from his Image Universe counterpart’s. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the past of this hallowed hero. SAVAGE DRAGON comes with our highest possible recommendation.

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  • 90

    The story of Paul Dragon is one that fans have been waiting to hear since the character showed up in the final pages of Savage Dragon #250. The character, a version of Erik Larsen's pre-Image Comics take on Dragon, was brought into the main publishing line as part of the Merging of Multiple Earths story, but little has been revealed up to this point about what differentiates him from the "classic" version of Paul Dragon, let alone what differentiates him from Dragon. This issue, which features some cool callbacks both to the pre-Image days and to some of the most iconic imagery from Larsen's epic run at Image, is a celebration of the character, with art that's full of detail and Easter eggs. Told almost entirely through flashback and narration, the dialogue and storytelling is a little more stiff than you would normally expect from Larsen, but it does the job in getting readers up to speed with Paul's complex history and how he is similar, and different, to Dragon himself.
  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Larsen does a brilliant job of bringing Paul’s story together for current and new fans alike. The story is compelling and filled with great action throughout. I like the way the story moves from moment to moment without jarring the reader. It gives the story a great narrative flow that is incredibly engaging. I look forward to the next part of Paul’s story. The Art: Larsen delivers great art throughout the issue. From the intense action scenes to the beautifully framed character moments, the issue is visually compelling from start to finish.

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