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Savage Dragon #263

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Mako the shark-man is out for blood! SAVAGE DRAGON comes with our highest possible recommendation.

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  • 90

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Larsen delivers some action packed thrills throughout the story with great moments of suspense and humor. I love all of the complications Malcolm is dealing with both personally and professionally and how the children are becoming more interesting, fleshed out characters as well. The Mako storyline has some great horror elements and I cannot wait to see where story goes next. The Art: Larsen delivers some beautiful, gory and often titalating art throughout the issue. The visuals perfectly complement the tone of the story and its characters.
  • 80

    The issue is kind of all over the place, but each piece has at least a few really great moments, and it leaves you with a cliffhanger that's good enough that it feels totally unfair after such a long wait for this issue, and a one-off adventure scheduled for the next.

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