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Saint John #1 (of 4)

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Cynical Manhattan writer Tori Slate travels to Portland, Oregon, to track down the enigmatic Saint John—a masked man who roams the city doing good deeds for strangers, appearing at random and vanishing without a trace. Who is he? Why does he do it? And what is his seemingly supernatural connection to the City of Roses? Tori aims to put these questions to the man himself … unaware that the answers will change her life forever.

A distinctly PDX miniseries from Eisner-nominated cartoonist Dan Schkade (Lavender Jack, The Spirit) and Portland native creator Brennan Wagner (Grendel, Batman), produced with—and featuring the fashion of—Portland Gear.

• In a partnership with groundbreaking clothing brand, Portland Gear, Dark Horse Comics is proud to present the Rose City’s very own superhero, Saint John!

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  • 100

    Major Spoilers

    I can’t really find any fault in Saint John #1. The pacing feels good, the writing is engaging, and the art is dynamic. And perhaps most importantly, it is memorable.

  • 79

    Multiversity Comics

    Overall “Saint John” #1 is a light and entertaining book. Readers looking for grit or depth will not find it here, but the back to basics approach to a superhero comic is a welcome contrast to other books on the market.

  • 65


    At the end of the day, I guess I can’t really fault Dark Horse and the creative team for this project. With the way modern comics is run, maybe it’s not the worst idea. (And, hey, at least it’s not more stupid NFTs, right?) However, I can’t help but shake the idea that without that corporate support, maybe this book might be different. Maybe any of those tiny missteps and little hiccups I’d mentioned earlier would feel all the more insignificant, like they would in any other “ordinary” book. But that’s not the case, and we have to engage this book for what it really is and not what we hope it could’ve been. Still, I’m willing to silence my inner bratty punk rock teenager to see how it all plays out for our mostly intriguing new superhero of the Pacific Northwest.

  • 60

    Saint John makes its debut this week with a homegrown message. As a writer from New York heads to Portland, we find ourselves face to face with a neighborhood do-gooder known as Saint John. This first busy issue focuses on building the man’s mysterious aura, and his humble dreams will no doubt endear fans from all over.

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