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Saga #65

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Everything’s going to be fine.

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    Saga #65 provides readers with a masterclass in building tension as the issue traces three sets of characters through no more than 15 minutes of time. The issue switches tracks between them in quick succession after establishing each sequence, often using the first panel of the page to resolve a prior cliffhanger before establishing another in the bottom-right corner. It makes for an absolutely gripping read as Vaughan’s narration (and the series’ reputation) foreshadows some form of tragedy. The reading experience may be a thrill—making it impossible to set the issue down—and that makes the sudden halt by the final page all the more painful. In some ways, Saga #65 reads like a flex as it reminds readers this series can still break their hearts as beneath all of the excitement are characters invested with life. Saga #65 is an impressive issue and one that will leave many ready to slow down.

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    If you’ve been wishing for more action and significant deaths in Saga, read issue #65. This issue capitalizes on major wins for the characters while others suffer, further emphasizing how a series about calamity ebbs and flows with the good and the bad always around the corner.

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