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Rogue Sun #12

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In the horrifying aftermath of the last issue, Dylan makes a drastic decision about the future of Rogue Sun as he squares off against Hellbent for one final fight with everything on the line.

ROGUE SUN is a Massive-Verse series.

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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    ROGUE SUN #12 is an exciting issue. It hits the ground running and doesn’t let up until the end. It also delivers the series’ biggest shocks to date–both in how the fight unfolds and in the ultimate consequences to Dylan. ROGUE SUN has yet to disappoint, and this issue’s cliffhanger will make it impossible not to buy the next issue.

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    Phew, the second arc of Rogue Sun comes racing to a close with its 12th issue, and boy howdy, it sure is a doozy. The story of Hellbent is resolved here as neat—relatively speaking—as can be, with Parrott wrapping up the thickest plot threads of the past six issues or so. That said, the writer introduces two more sizable cliffhangers that are frustrating to the fullest – not because of a low quality of writing, but because they each have major ramifications for the series moving forward. Alas, Rogue Sun will return in two months’ time for what promises to be its most exciting arc yet.

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    From the fight in the school to the need for a character’s sacrifice, Ryan Parrott’s script is somewhat predictable. Even an alleged cliffhanger at the end of the issue can be seen miles away. That said, the story is still enjoyable. And he does a good job of setting up the next arc – which begins after a month break to make room for Image Comics’ Supermassive crossover event.

    This particular hero may have a sense of humor, but he’s no Spidey. He’s arrogant and won’t listen to anyone, save a past version of Rogue Sun named Caleb, who appears to him and gives him fighting advice. Watching the relationship between the two makes for interesting reading – particularly when Dylan rejected similar teaching from his dad.

    Artist Able does a fine job of portraying the action, though a few of the sequences seem a bit rushed or confusing. Part of that is because Dylan has never done a good job of exploring the extent of his powers. Colorist Natalia Marques nicely breaks up subdued colors with bright fire coming from Rogue Sun and a cool blue hue from Mourningstar.

    This fight is bound to have a significant long-term impact on Dylan and his approach to Rogue Sun. It will be interesting to see if he turns over a new leaf or if he becomes more of a jerk than he has typically been. In either case, it should be an interesting adventure.

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