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Rogue Sun #11

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With an unexpected new ally at his side, Dylan’s life might finally be heading in the right direction. But Hellbent has other plans, and everything our hero cares about is set to burn as the two face off for a final showdown!

ROGUE SUN is a Massive-Verse series.

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 97

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    I probably sound like a cheerleader for this series every month, but the book usually deserves it. Parrott’s tells a story on two levels that at times reinforce each other and at other times diverge. It proves consistently compelling. The series has also consistently developed Dylan as a character. At no point has he tread water. ROGUE SUN #11 sets the stage for a possible collision of the two sides of Dylan’s life. Parrott’s writing and the art team’s work makes this particularly effective.

  • 80

    Rogue Sun is barreling towards the conclusion of its second arc, arguably fleshing out the eponymous vigilante more than ever before. Rogue Sun #12 does a substantial amount in helping build out the legacy of the Sun Stone, The Aviary, and other supernatural entities within the MassiveVerse. This title is at its best when Dylan lets his arrogance subside and willingly learns; luckily for both he and the readers, the introduction of the Knight Sun is helping move that along really well.

  • 70


    The story, written by Ryan Parrott, involves the hero confronting Ravyn Queen to secure the last feather of the Phoenix. Sounds interesting enough, but it has little to do with Rogue Sun’s ultimate goal of defeating the evil Hellbent. That battle, it seems, is delayed until the next issue when this story arc concludes. Instead, the hero fights the queen’s bodyguard for the honor of possessing the feather. (…) A largely unnecessary issue featuring a battle that is so anticlimactic, you won’t even realize then it’s over. Also beware: the creative team thought it would be a cool idea to present part of the story in landscape mode, meaning you have to constantly flip the issue on its side to avoid neck issues.

  • 60

    Major Spoilers

    In the final analysis, Radiant Black #11 has both textual issues with the plotting and sheer number of characters, and metatextual issues with the presentation of the art, but the charisma of the art and the voices of the characters help to overcome some of that, earning 3 out of 5 stars overall. With the end of the arc upon us and another Super-Massive crossover on the horizon, you don’t want to sleep on the adventures of Rogue Sun.

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