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Rogue Sun #10

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As Homecoming approaches, Dylan tries to do a good deed-even as his own superhero life spirals out of control. But is he about to get help from the unlikeliest of allies?

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 92

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    ROGUE SUN #10 is the first issue that doesn’t feel like a metaphor for a teenager’s life. Instead it comes across as a commentary on Dylan’s life and what it seems to be missing. He’s advancing as Rogue Sun. He has more significant interactions as Rogue Sun. And when he expresses his confusion, he has someone to reassure him in the form of Caleb. The series continues to be the best and most heartfelt teenager superhero story on the shelf.
  • 86

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Parrot crafts a thrilling and entertaining story in this issue. The characters continue to grow and evolve along with the story and the world of this story becomes more engaging with each issue. I love the dual stories with Dylan and Hunter and the drama within each. The Art: Renna delivers some beautiful art. The characters look great and the world of the story is visually thrilling throughout the issue.
  • 80

    As Rogue Sun nears the end of its second arc, Parrott and company inject a breath of fresh air into the story at hand, dedicating a substantial part of Rogue Sun #10 to lore-building. That lore juggles the horror-based roots of the Rogue Sun mantle while adding in some Arthurian flavor, a nice balance between the two genres that's executed well with what we see. Marco Renna takes over art duties from Abel on this one, but the styles are similar enough the transition is near seamless for one reading straight through. All in all, another superb outing from team Rogue Sun.
  • 75


    A backstory dominates this issue – both in terms of action and artwork. Most of the book focuses on exposition and character development, but at the expense of some good old-fashioned fighting.

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