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Rogue & Gambit #5 (of 5)

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The Power Broker emerges from the shadows to make the deal of a lifetime! Selling was always risky business, but with an asset like Rogue in his Rolodex, the payoff is worth it. Only, Anna Marie isn’t one who can be controlled. And while Gambit knows her sweet side…the rest of her can be mighty mean. Rogue crosses a line she can’t uncross in a shocking twist that will have repercussions across all Krakoa!

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    Comic Book Revolution

    Rogue & Gambit #5 is a comic book that X-Men fans do not want to miss out on. There is a major decision that happens in this issue that will have a direct impact to Fall of X. Beyond that, this issue does a great job at wrapping up a fun series that once again showcases what makes Rogue and Gambit great characters. If you didn’t pick up the individual issues make sure to pick up this series by Stephanie Phillips and Carlos Gomez when it comes out in trade format.

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    First Comics News

  • 80

    Un Cómic Más

    This comic has very characteristic art and colors that evokes the 90s with a lot of brightness, colors and poses but with fresh touches where Rogue’s great sex appeal and her ferocity stand out.

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    This issue featured stunning art from Carlos and a captivating story from Stephanie. I am loving what this powerhouse team has brought to life for my favorite mutant couple. After everything that they have been through, I love watching them continuously fight for their love. They have already overcome so much but we know that nothing has come easily for these two. Destiny is going to force Rogue to make some difficult decisions and I am eager to see if Rogue & Gambit will continue to defy the odds and make it through what Powerbroker, Destiny, and the universe still have in store for them both in this story arc and in X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023.

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    Rogue & Gambit’s final issue contains several high points for the series. Carlos Gomez gives Rogue a small-scale, short-term memory version of Stuart Immonen’s now iconic Jean Grey splash. He then follows that arguably a half-page panel of Rogue in action so stunning that Rogue herself admonishes Gambit (and, through him, the reader) for gawking. Meanwhile, Gambit has a moment where he praises Rogue with such verbosity that he transcends being a mere mutant husband and becomes something new that I’ll dub the Claremontian Wife Guy. The rest of the issue wraps up a run-of-the-mill superhero story in predictable and familiar ways, except for Rogue’s dealings with Destiny. This scene drags the entire story down not only because Rogue’s blind trust in Destiny, which convinces her to do something clearly immoral, is profoundly unearned, but because it clashes thematically with the central arc of the book, which revitalizes Rogue and Gambit’s marriage in spite of Destiny’s disapproval. I hesitate to ascribe specific blame for specific problems when it comes to the often complicated process of creating comics, especially those in a shared universe. However, given that the most recent X-Men issue also chose to spotlight this moment, it feels very much like editorial needs trumping actual story told.

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