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Rogue & Gambit #3 (of 5)

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As Manifold’s trail goes cold, tensions between Rogue and Gambit heat up! For months now, they’ve been pulling apart – Rogue busy with her X-Men duties, Gambit risking eternal death in Otherworld… Now, when Gambit discovers Rogue’s been keeping secrets, the couple must face their issues head-on. Orrrr they could split up and tackle the fight solo – that sounds smart, right? But WHO is gathering super-powered humans? And why is Manifold so important anyway?

The mystery continues in Stephanie Philips and Carlos Gómez’s explosive romp through the Marvel U!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Un Cómic Más

    Excellent installment that reveals the tensions in the relationship between Gambit and Rogue, however their love is powerful.

    This comic has a very characteristic art that evokes the comics of the 90s with a lot of brightness, colors and poses but with fresh touches where Rogue’s great sex appeal stands out.

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    First Comics News

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    Rogue & Gambit #3 ramps up and prepares to enter its fourth issue coming out in June fast. Don’t forget to pick up this issue before you read the next one. If you’re lost and this is your first reading of this series you can purchase digital copies to catch up, find some in stock at your local comic book store, or where they can be found for sale. You don’t want to miss what’s next.

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    Rogue & Gambit continues to deliver straightforward superheroics in its third issue while adding some texture to the tension between the lead characters. The story has Rogue speaking directly about the distance that seems to be growing between her and her husband, getting insightful guidance from, of all possible beings, Rocket Raccoon. It helps re-contextualize the borderline animosity between the two heroes throughout the series in a way that feels purposeful. The artwork also has a bit more flourish than in previous issues. Carlos Gomez gets to channel more of the expressive characterizations that helped elevate X-Terminators, giving both Rogue and Remy some very emotional moments. It all leads to a cliffhanger ending that’s pretty typical good guys versus bad guys material, with a truly random assortment of enemies for Rogue and Gambit to deal with, and the aside diving into Forge’s moral quandaries feels out of place here, but it’s not a bad read.

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    Major Spoilers

    I am fascinated by this couple from their publication history. They always felt like a grim forbidden love story due to the nature of Rogue’s powers. However, Rogue and Gambit #3 did not play into the tropes I am familiar with. The story has a lot of promise, but I am unsure if the story can wrap up this storyline in a way that honors the characters.

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