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Rocket #5 (of 6)

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Castor Gnawbarque III is the richest sentient in three sectors and CEO of the Beavertron Corporation. Rocket is neither of these things. By the end of this issue, one of them will be holding 10 billion credits and one will have a bullet in the head. It’s the same one.

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  • 98


    This book would be a fantastic must-read if it weren’t a Big Two comic, but since it is, it remains one of the very best limited superhero series to date. It’s so spectacular and this is perhaps the best issue of the entire series.

  • 80

    Multiversity Comics

    With Rocket’s character well established and the noirish world he inhabits clearly and convincingly rendered, the entire creative team cuts loose and everything just clicks. Writer Al Ewing continues to spin an increasingly intriguing yarn via large, novelistic chunks of text that unfold in an almost snarky, reverse chronological order that not only works, but absolutely adds to the fun. At the same time, Jeff Eckleberry’s letters perfectly echo the noirish vibe, with Ewing’s deadpan third person prose rendered in a retro typewriter font on top of what looks like a faded manila folder, like we’re somehow reading the files of a cheeky omniscient observer who just might be pulling the strings. Meanwhile, artist Adam Gorham’s character work continues to be rock solid and Michael Garland’s colors – deftly alternating between brilliant spaced-out hues and more subdued, almost smoky tones – set a new standard for the pulpy, intergalactic heist aesthetic.

    Pour yourself a Gargleblaster (neat, if you know what’s good for you) and enjoy.

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