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Robin #16

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Robin’s investigation into Lazarus Island is put on hold as Lord Death Man strikes. Damian and Hawke are called to Tokyo by Flatline to help her deal with her crazed mentor. Which means…killer-bros road trip!

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  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Robin #16 is a bright tale despite the secrecy of Lazarus Island. It feels like an older comic of heroes teaming up, a new Dynamic Duo. Robin and Connor are committed to helping fighters with nowhere to go, giving them a purpose and functioning as true heroes. I am loving Damian more and more with every issue. Definitely worth reading to see how the Boy Wonder is molded into a leader, plus what becomes of these other characters.

  • 100

    Batman on Film

  • 90


    Robin’s penultimate issue returns the series to where it began in many ways by showcasing all the character, heart, and deep moments that made it such a delightful series to follow. Damian’s future isn’t quite clear at this point with the series about to end, and an upcoming mini, but this series has put him on such a great trajectory as he’s been developed more as a character than he has been in quite some time.

  • 90


    Robin is consistently a fun adventure book that’s good for at least one fight scene every issue. Throw in the way the creators are weaving together multiple plotlines in a series that has developed Robin in interesting ways, and you have an instant-buy comic every single month.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    With only one issue left of Williamson’s run and no guarantee on where this will all be followed up on, there is a lot left to resolve, but it’s amazing just how much good work the writer has done for the character of Damian since he started. The character was in a particularly bad place when the story began, and now he’s a likable and compelling lead with a strong supporting cast. This is a Damian I’d love to see leading a new Teen Titans.

  • 90

    Lyles Movie Files

    Writer Joshua Williamson has done an admirable job of making Connor Hawke a player in the DCU again. He fits as the calm zen voice of reason compared to Damian’s occasionally still reckless demeanor.

    Roger Cruz’s artwork is such a smooth fit for the tone Williamson establishes. It’s loose, a little playful but Cruz is fully capable of bringing intensity for action scenes. Luis Guerrero’s color work is vibrant with a strong use of bolder primary colors.

    Williamson appreciates the value of big crossover style story and a more self-contained one that’s solely focused on Damian and his crew.

    It’s too bad Williamson is leaving the title soon. He’s helped repair Damian at a point when the character was at his lowest. Unless Jeremy Adams is waiting in the wings to carry the baton with no trouble I’m leery about Williamson’s successor.

    For now, we’ve got one more issue left of his run and to appreciate everything he’s done to build up Robin and his new supporting cast.

  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    Every time I think this series can’t get any better, it goes and blows me away as it seems that there’s still so much more that this creative team can do. Where it’s leading is so exciting, because I have no idea where that will end up being. Please, please, PLEASE read this series. Damien is finally growing on me as a character… and Joshua Williamson’s the main reason why.

  • 88

    Multiversity Comics

    This issue of “Robin” felt like a refresher on what made the Lazarus Tournament arc fun and interesting to the reader. Joshua Williamson takes Damian back to the island and gives him a mystery to solve with his friend Connor Hawke. Williamson puts the dynamic on a more even playing field than Batman and Robin’s usual dynamic since neither of them is leading. The two characters are working together with their eyes on the prize. Damian’s less than cocky than in his usual demeanor and tries to have the quiet confidence that Batman carries and so it is not surprising when he misses the apparent betrayal with the “victim” Lord Death Man but more so when Mother Soul comes back into the picture in the last page. (…) Williamson is getting back into the lighter and fun element of “Robin” for his final arc.

  • 85


    Robin #16 is a return to form. The relationships between the characters are bright and vibrant, the story is fun and engaging, and the tone has turned back to something that feels like it fits into the rest of the book. I love getting to see the characters we’ve come to know get to relax a little bit and settle into a new normal, all while dealing with the strange but valid threat that is Lord Death Man.

  • 80

    The new status quo for Robin finds its rhythm as new arrivals are introduced on Lazarus Island and Damian and Connor pursue new adventures. Following up on the surprise arrival and plea of Lord Death Man in Robin #15, they quickly plunge into investigating his claims in a fast-paced detective story filled with colorful locales and guest stars. That includes the Batman of Japan in a tense initial meeting that winks at readers. There’s a good sense of humor throughout this adventure—including a wonderfully campy portrayal of Lord Death Man—as the two legacy heroes fall into a natural rhythm of their own. Watching them operate through a variety of traps and encounters together makes an issue without much action still seem plenty exciting. With Flatline and plenty of other familiar faces in tow, Robin #16 frames threats for the future that will call all of them back into action post haste.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    It says a lot for how special a superhero comic book is that it can overcome the generic and annoying villains of the story. Robin #16 accomplishes that with how well Joshua Williamson and Roger Cruz are able to put over Damian Wayne’s growth. The chemistry Damian has with Connor Hawke, Flatline, and the rest of his supporting cast really shines throughout Robin #16, showcasing why this has been such a fun series to read.

  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 75

    Weird Science DC Comics

    With some great characters and great art, Robin continues to be one of DC’s best books, and sadly, that’s simply because of interactions and the love that’s shown in the continued growth of the characters. I say sadly because I do wish we got more out of the story overall since we’re running short on time with this series. That being said though, I love the way that Damian Wayne is being handled in this series and I hope this Damian continues for a long time.

  • 70

    The Batman Universe

    As Damian prepares to head out on his next adventure in the DC Universe, Williamson gives a warm second-to-last issue of this excellent series, highlighting the characters and relationships he’s built up over the past year and a half.

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