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Robin #15

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Damian Wayne is back from the Shadow War and licking his wounds the best way a Wayne knows how…brooding (duh). But in light of the shocking death in the al Ghul family, Robin resolves to dig deeper into the world of the Demon…and a return to Lazarus Island-with Flatline at his side-leaves him with yet another shocking revelation!

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  • 97

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Family dynamics encompass this surprisingly heartfelt chapter. Damian’s growth over the past 15 chapters has been palpable. Watching him taking on the role of peacemaker between his parents was both difficult and relatable. I really appreciate how his experiences are now informing his decisions. I am excited for his new arc involving Lazarus Island and what lessons Damian’s will take from the journey. The Art: This action filled issues features interesting and well-conceived battle scenes. I also found the realistic, modern design and detailed drawings to be emotionally connective and transportive.
  • 90


    Overview`Between a rock and a hard place, Damian Wayne continues his journey to become the person that he wants to be in another character-driven emotional and fun issue of ‘Robin'. Keeping to that core has been the story of success for this series, and the next two issues look to wrap that all up and hopefully lead us to whatever is next for this dynamic character.
  • 90

    Geek Dad

    The complex relationship between Damian and both his parents has been a big part of this series, and it’s good to see him finally get to address it. While it’s clear Bruce is the healthier parent for him, he also doesn’t seem to get that Damian is trying to unite the two sides of his heritage. There’s a twist this issue with Talia that is really promising and will likely play out in Dark Crisis down the line, and by the end of the issue Damian has returned back to Lazarus Island to work with Hawke on transforming the island into a new sort of retreat. It’s a great idea, and one that makes me think the characters from this title could be the anchors of a great new Teen Titans-like book. But one more story is coming, and it’s focusing on Flatline—whose mentor shows up at the end of the issue with a shocking reveal. From the start, this has been one of the most entertaining books in the DC lineup, and it looks like it’s ending with a bang.
  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    You should always be picking up this series, if you aren't by now, then I'm not doing my job properly. If you don't believe how amazing the writing is, or how well the artists work together, just see for yourself. If you read Robin #15 you'll see Damian become a young man in front of your eyes. I did, and it made me so happy to witness this level of character growth. Yet, I'm also very worried for the rest of the world, having to encounter him!
  • 85


    Robin #15 puts Damian back on track to development as a character. It's nice to see "Shadow War" didn't derail the work Williamson and company did on Lazarus Island and this issue reminds us Damian may have strong parental figures when they're around him solo, there's still some stuff to work through when they're together.
  • 84

    Batman on Film

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    Robin #15 is a solid book that returns to what it did best: establish Robin as his own hero, even a leader, one who can begin a new chapter in his life, and for other characters we still dont yet know well enough. Hopefully, we wont have to endure any more parental tugs-of-war as it seemed clear long ago Damian had made his own path. Lets hope he gets to keep blazing it.
  • 80

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Robin #15 continues what we love about this book - a version of Damian Wayne that continues to evolve. This issue sets up some things for the upcoming Batman vs. Robin and has one of the best cliffhangers I've seen in years!
  • 80

    The Batman Universe

    The ease and skill with which Williamson and Cruz handle tying together the threads of multiple plotlines from multiple titles, give character moments to well over a handful of characters, and drive the book forward into its final arc is intensely satisfying, despite the bittersweet taste of knowing the book is ending.
  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    Joshua Williamson and Roger Cruz did an excellent job at building on all previous issues with their work on Robin #15. Everything in this issue, from the interaction between the Batman Family to the reunion with Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, got over how well developed of a character Damian is. The ending of Robin #15 effectively transitioned us into the final story arc for this series.
  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 72

    Multiversity Comics

    “Robin” #15 is an interesting one step backward, two steps forward kind of issue. When things open up, Damian is back in Gotham fighting clowns (who literally pour out of a clown car) and chilling with the Bat-fam. The Lazarus Island arc was genuinely great but it would be a lie to say seeing Damian return to his roots doesn’t scratch a certain itch. Still, once Talia al Ghul escaped detention, the issue started to feel like too much a return to the good old days. Of course, “Robin” is a smarter series than that and it turns out this was more like a visit home between college semesters. Maybe there’s a bit of a reversion to old ways but it’s actually in service of real growth. When Talia and Bruce fight over who Damian is going to follow, he makes it clear that he’s still on his own path; it’s a move that allows the Damian-Bruce relationship to stay positive while making space for the material that made this such a great series in the first place. Even Talia’s escape is actually a setup for a one woman Suicide Squad situation. With these moves, “Robin” #15 pulls off a solid bait and switch.
  • 60


    Generally this issue felt like both the end and beginning of arcs for Damian and Talia. Williamson does a good job providing Damian with an opportunity to air out some issues with his parents, while asserting his own independence. At the same time, the story struggles under the weight of time. The emotional beats it works into the story are good, but need more time to be further developed. With the last remnants of Shadow War behind it, hopefully the book will fall back into the easy stride it had before the event took over next issue.
  • 60

    In the wake of "Shadow War," Damian has to address both of his parents who possess very different ideas about his future. This encounter parallels the first meeting they had aboard a submarine over 15 years ago, but also serves to highlight how much Damian has progressed since that initial meeting. The real purpose of Robin #15 is to set the stage for the series' future, which refocuses itself on Damian's independent journey and the colorful allies and setting he's accumulated beyond his father's cowl. It's that promise of what's to come that provides real fuel for an issue primarily focused on post-event bookkeeping. In the midst of some oddly drawn faces and a drawn out decision, a return to Lazarus Island and characters like Connor Hawke and Flatline looks very promising.

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