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Rise Of The Powers Of X #2 (of 5)

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

THE LAST HOPE – OUTSIDE OF REALITY! Outside time and space is mutantdom’s last hope. Floating between dimensions, hiding from a Dominion who wishes to crush them. Can Xavier and his crew survive? And when we find out their plan, will we want them to? The end of the Krakoan Age continues in this epic tale split in two!

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26 pages
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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 97

    Comic Watch

    There’s a human heart buried in this story, beneath the brash, robotic skin. It’s shaping up to be one of the best X-Men stories of the last ten years.

  • 95


    As the forces of Orchis and the A.I. Dominion continue to come down upon the remnants of the Krakoan society, ‘Rise of the Powers Of X’ #2 offers one potential final counter-move for Xavier and company. A truly gorgeous experience, serving as a more than solid bookend to one of the greatest eras of X-Men comics.

  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Gillen continues to craft a beautifully intricate and emotionally engaging story in this issue. The story takes some great twists and turns throughout and the Enigma character delivers a great level of villainy that kept me intrigued throughout the story. I like seeing Charles become harder as the story progresses and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

    The Art: Silva’s art is sublimely beautiful and filled with amazing detail. Curiel’s colors are vibrant and enhance every visual moment.

  • 85

    Nerd Initiative

    The saga of the X-Men’s final stand strives forward with another excellent issue. With Gillen mixing in some touching drama along with the action, the intensity of Charles Xavier shines through. Silva’s impeccable art raises to new levels which fans won’t be able to get enough of. You won’t want to miss this one!

  • 80

    Caped Joel

  • 70

    Major Spoilers

    Man, so much of this event is left, but I am about ready to be done. I want desperately to see what happens after the Krakoan age, but there is so much story to explain. And Orchis was a tangible enemy, but Enigma is a nebulous concept. He is too powerful and isn’t human enough to be relatable. So, I’m ready to move past him as the villain.

  • 60

    Comic Book Revolution

    Rise of the Powers of X #2 has a lot of good character work. Unfortunately, the pacing lacks the urgency this event should have after everything that happened in Fall of X. We basically end this issue where we started. There’s been to much set-up that happened in the lead up that this latest X-Men crossover should be going all out from beginning to end. It doesn’t fully feel that way four chapters into Rise of the Powers of X and Fall of the House of X.

  • 40

    One of the most remarkable elements in Powers of X is how neatly it presents an array of original science-fiction concepts within the confines of Marvel Comics. Readers are quickly able to assimilate the timelines being utilized and the mechanics as they relate to plot, character, and setting. That clarity is difficult to deliver, which is why I’m loathe to criticize the ambitions present in Rise of the Powers of X. However, Rise of the Powers of X #2 fails to deliver on the manifold ideas playing into one another that deliver an overburdened series of expository dialogue and action sequences resembling a superhero comic. The Sinister dominion, White Hot Room, Moira’s powers, and more are arcane plot devices individually and make for Marvel madlips when assembled with only a single, largely unhelpful infographic to assist. The messiness that is the presentation of story provides a number of excellent excuses to draw cool character designs doing interesting things, even if not all of those interesting things hold much meaning on the page. Perhaps future issues will bring greater clarity, but right now the classified final stage of this plan is eagerly anticipated so “Fall of X” may conclude.

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