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Rifters #1

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Please, Saran-Wrap your ass, because you’re about to projectile-shit yourself right into the wild world of Rifters, where Time Cop collides with Law & Order, filtered through the Stupid McSmartsalot-Einstein lens of Mr. Show.

Fenton and Geller are a couple of part-time Wisenheimers, full-time vice time-cops who suck at rule-following but excel at busting time-travel crimes. Unfortunately, their daily grind involves tedious police work—like chasing down douchebag influencers hellbent on live-streaming illegal transtemporal trips to 1920s Chicago to steal primo bootleg hooch.
However, in a twist of fate, our heroes find themselves thrust into the heart of an inter-time serial homicide mystery, but not before things change, forcing our pair into the crosshairs of potentially lethal consequences.
The stakes are high, time is of the essence, and Fenton and Geller are about to discover that playing with the time-stream isn’t all flappers and jazz hands. Get ready for a high-octane, double-illegal adventure where the only sure thing is that Rifters is rewriting the rulebook on time-travel tales!

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    If there’s one downside to Rifters #1, it’s that we don’t get much of a feel from Geller and Fenton. There are little tidbits – Geller is a stickler for detail, Fenton is more laid back – but the buddy comedy energy is lacking. Fingers crossed that future issues tackle this. As it stands, Rifters #1 is a fresh and funny take on the time travel genre, and the perfect title for folks enjoying Trohman’s work on The Holy Roller.

  • 83

    The Super Powered Fancast

    Posehn and Trohman craft a fun and often funny story in this first issue. The story is interesting conceptually and there is a great deal of potential in this series and with these characters. I liked the lighter tone of the story a lot and the fun of combining time travel and the dark elements of culture make for some interesting character moments and scenarios. The plot creates some great moments that make me invested in both the story and its characters.

    Johnson crafts some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. The different time periods are wonderfully done and visually engage the reader.

  • 70

    First Comics News

    This series is Timecop meets Law & Order mixed with mostly any show from Adult Swim to possibly deliver a good concept; While the plot for this issue may have fallen short on its execution and high expectations, it could get better……but then again, that’s asking too much.

  • 40

    Panels are loaded with detail and effectively indulge the settings and people evoked throughout history. Unfortunately, even a comedically stylish presentation fails to make issue #2 an enticing proposition.

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