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Resurrection Of Magneto #4 (of 4)

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The Master of Magnetism has returned to the world… but it is not the world he left. Nor is Magneto the same man who left it. Has death changed him for the better, or for the worse? And when he sees what ORCHIS has done to mutantkind… will it change him again?

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    In the Grand Finale of Krakoa, Resurrection of Magneto #4 is a can’t-miss finish to a superb series. Rich storytelling is matched with artists at the top of their game to answer the question of who the Master of Magnetism has become in his return to the land of the living. It’s the kind of comic that’s great from start to finish and is more rewarding with each reappraisal – go get it now!

  • 80

    Nerd Initiative

    The question of identity haunts the return of the Master Of Magnetism. With Ewing displaying all the emotions, Magneto’s true self emerges. The art team delves into multiple full page images fitting for a legend’s grand homecoming.

  • 76

    Comic Watch

    An action-packed issue that changes the tone and brings the reality of why Magento is needed to the surface.

  • 65

    Geek'd Out

    As much as I enjoy reading Ms. Marvel comics, for example, her integration in Fall has not felt entirely organic, and Mutant Menace seems like it wants to be its own thing unconnected to the larger story. Wolverine, which is not technically tied to the event, has a similar issue, because it seems like it should have concluded its run before the event so as to not confuse readers of its place in the narrative. I wonder how successful FotHoX would have been had it just consistent of the two interlocking titles (Fall of the House of X/Rise of the House of X) like how House of X/Powers of X was published; some of the tie-ins have been genuinely enlightening, but not all.

  • 40

    Magneto narrates his return to the living world and an opening foray against Orchis in Resurrection of Magneto #4. The only interesting conflict is the internal choice presented to Magneto in choosing an identity for himself. Outside of that there is a battle against the Stark Sentinels which have proven to be inconsistently implemented plot devices across the X-line and an unconvincing threat against three of the most powerful figures in Marvel’s pantheon. That mecha battle which concludes in an absurd round of fisticuffs is portrayed clearly without many panels of note. It’s the moral battle portrayed by Magneto that is much more satisfying with an excellent gore effect in the issue’s most impactful panel. Yet the internal monologue arrives at an answer and status that handwaves the sprawling range of Magneto’s past identities looking toward a future in which the only certainty is inconsistency. As satisfying as it is to have the Master of Magnetism returned, he currently lacks for a satisfying narrative to occupy.

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