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Resurrection Of Magneto #3 (of 4)

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FALLS THE SHADOW! In the cold dark rooms beyond death, there are terrible things. Annihilators. Adversaries. And a King of Shadows…who seeks a new soul to live in. The time of easy miracles is over. For Storm and Magneto, all the roads back to life are hard…and this is the hardest road of all.

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    The last epic hurdle between Storm and Magneto and the land of the living is at hand in Resurrection of Magneto #3. The Shadow King and his legion of shadows have been defeated, but the definitive story that either character has had in years still has more in store next issue. Her name means Beauty. He is Power. Men call them Storm and Magneto.

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    Comic Watch

    Dynamic, intriguing, and wonderfully drawn and written, this is a comic you cannot skip. Magneto nation is winning with not only great characterization but great story and art. Magneto is coming back to life, perhaps with a new outlook on it. But only time will tell what this Magneto will be like compared to previous incarnations.

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    The flaws embedded in Resurrection of Magneto run from the miniseries’ premise through each issue: dream logic, lack of stakes, and a (seemingly) predetermined outcome. As Magneto and Storm confront the Shadow King in fairy tale-like tests of their character, it’s hard to ignore that this is the third iteration of the same sort of challenge Storm faced in the very first issue. And it remains a terminally navel-gazing reflection on two popular characters from the X-Men franchise. Even as someone who has often loved both of these characters, it’s difficult to enjoy them in a story primarily designed to explain much of why I previously enjoyed reading their adventures. Depictions of the Shadow King from behind his many disguises help to provide some interest for bored readers like myself, but it’s tough to ignore that this miniseries now reads like a continuity-oriented one-shot stretched too thin to earn a few more dollars.

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