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Resurrection Of Magneto #2 (of 4)

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THE KEY – THE SECRET! In the depths, Magneto was given a key by strange forces – and impossibly, he holds it still. Now, in death, Max Eisenhardt judges his own life – and counts the cost. Should he return to the world? Can he allow Storm to bring him back? And what does the Deep Key unlock?

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    Resurrection of Magneto #2 shows that this series is not just an all-timer Storm story but for the Master of Magnetism as well. Acknowledging the strengths and the flaws of its two leads, this issue expertly balances the plot with accepting Magneto and all of the multitudes that comprise him. Do not miss out on reading this book.

  • 88

    Comic Watch

    Ewing and Vecchio continue to push Magneto to his literal limits, making for a strong, compelling and artisitically beautiful second issue that is just as strong as the first. This is an impressive feat considering the narrow scale of conflict compared to the first.

  • 87

    Major Spoilers

    Resurrection of Magneto #2 is an excellent book that makes me think about the character and the creative writing decisions. However, it doesn’t fit the Fall of X event and feels like a background issue when it should take a little more spotlight. The attachment to the main event must be rigid to balance because too much emphasis on that, and you take away from Magneto’s dilemma.

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    Geek'd Out

  • 40

    Resurrection of Magneto #2 presents readers with a disquisition on Magneto’s moral merits within Marvel Comics, leaning into recent events requiring exposition that is not immediately relevant to the narrative at hand. It is a tedious reading experience to say the least. The subject matter is pondered without a clear thesis as the outcomes of this miniseries are plainly displayed in the title and the genre itself demands that even characters with multiple atrocities under their belts be provided with further opportunities for redemption. Those demands result in a dialogue that would have been much more interesting as an essay with a conclusion not dictated by commerce. It’s worth noting that this interminable back-and-forth to nowhere is guided by fabulous illustrations of the afterlife and grand metaphors for the worth of Magneto’s life, but with this slog marking only the miniseries’ halfway point those visuals alone can’t quite justify the price of another issue.

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    The comic is bookended with Magneto’s magic key. I’m not exactly sure what Storm’s plan was once she found and convinced Magneto to return (considering there’s no body to return to), but this sequences suggest the turn of the key can change the character’s fate (although there appear to be unexpected consequences as well). While I’m interested to see what Magneto’s role will be once resurrected, I’m no longer interested in the journey to get to that point.

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