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Remote Space #1 (of 4)

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The year is 2450. Earth is dying. The human species has gone down two different evolutionary paths. One used cybernetic augmentation to adapt to space travel. The humans left behind used genetic manipulation to adapt to earth’s worsening climate. For earth to survive, civilizations need to collide.

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    Remote Space is a feast for the eyes and here’s hoping that it can hammer out some kinks to make it one of the best Image Comics on the market, as it’s already reaching for that accolade.

  • 80


    Creator Cliff Rathburn quickly made a fan out of me from this issue. While I was already impressed by what I read, my appreciation for the book skyrocketed when I realized Rathburn worked on every aspect of this comic himself–from the writing and art to the coloring and lettering. The art is easily the most impressive aspect of this new comic. The distinct balance between the bizarre and futuristic gives the comic’s world a very unique look. It makes turning the page all the more satisfying as you never know what strange new character or scenery you’ll see next. With so much being teased about the story and world-building in this story, I’m excited to dive deeper into the universe of Remote Space as the series unfolds.

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