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Red Hood: The Hill #5 (of 6)

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As Slayer’s murderous machinations come running headfirst into Korlee Jr.’s strange schemes—with Red Hood and Batman stuck in the middle! Strap in, rev your engine, and get ready to come speeding into this penultimate issue of Red Hood: The Hill!

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27 pages
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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85

    Geek Dad

    There are some scenes in this issue that are incredibly tense, with high-octane action contrasted with one-on-one faceoffs in dialogue, and it’ll be interesting to see how this creative team pulls it all together for the finale.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    Red Hood: The Hill #5 gives us a real idea of how the story may conclude. Political tension will be at a high as the sinister forces converge. With this creative team’s effort to look at a more grounded and humanized Jason Todd, the story could end in a multitude of dramatic ways, leaving this reviewer deeply excited for what comes next.

  • 70

    Things get a good bit more complicated in Red Hood: The Hill #5 with the Harlowe sisters at odds, Demitrius Korlee at the top of his game, and everything coming together for the bad guys with Bruce entering the fray to put together the more human pieces and connections to this conflict. It’s balanced with a good bit of costumed action and social action making it an interesting and tense issue, though one can’t help but wonder if the book has gone a little off track by inserting Bruce/Batman into things when this is, at its core, a story of the streets.

  • 60

    The Batman Universe

    Hey DC, Batman does not have to take over every story in Gotham. Give his allies and family members some credit. I understand why Batwoman keeps leaving Gotham. Gotham is a dictatorship run by the Batman.

  • 35


    This is a mess. What should be the culmination of all the story elements presented so far resembles a tangled collection of threads. I’m trying really hard to find something to praise besides the art, which remains satisfactory but is nothing too remarkable. Hopefully, it all comes together in the end, but I remain doubtful.

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