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Red Hood: The Hill #3 (of 6)

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All hell comes to the Hill… literally!

Jason Todd has gone up against his fair share of monsters and paranormal creatures in his time, but he’s never gone up against anything quite like the demonic creatures that have been unleashed in the streets of his new hometown.

Literal monsters roam the city, metaphorical monsters pull the strings in the shadows, and they all have Red Hood in their sights!

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85

    Geek Dad

    This has been one of the best looks at a grittier version of Gotham, taking place in a neighborhood where Batman rarely reaches and crime touches almost every life. But this is a Batman book, and so it only makes sense that those weird genre elements would make their way in eventually—in the form of a wild card that is hired by Killer Croc and Korlee Jr. to clean up Red Hood and his new allies. What form does this take? How about a nerdy gamer who can generate a horde of massive, voracious demons from his body? It’s certainly a bizarre twist, and Martinbrough takes his time building up to it by showing us the various lives of the urban vigilantes before all hell breaks loose in the cliffhanger. This is a strange sort of diversion from the tone of the first few issues, but it works because the creative team has done a great job of making this neighborhood seem real – so it makes the divergence feel all the more stark.

  • 80

    Nerd Initiative

    Red Hood: The Hill #3 delivers an exhilarating blend of crime-fighting and supernatural suspense. With strong writing, captivating artwork, and well-executed character dynamics, this issue is a solid edition to the series. Don’t miss the thrilling continuation of Jason Todd’s battle against the forces of darkness!

  • 76

    The Batman Universe

    This is the best cliffhanger yet. The heroes are facing off against impossible odds and now have a boost with the appearance of Batman.

  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Red Hood: The Hill #3 brings us a deep look at character-driven stories, a compelling and new antagonistic force, and the welcome but surprise return that’ll really show how high the stakes are. All the characters have become real people that we truly care about, and hope for their wellbeing. This makes this unique series even more gripping.

  • 60


    It’s difficult to shake off the feeling that I’m reading two stories awkwardly stapled together. While the story of the Hill is genuinely interesting, with some decent dialogue and art, Red Hood has yet to acclimate to his new surroundings and ends up sticking out like a sore thumb. Considering that a certain character – who is arguably more popular than Jason – makes an appearance on the last page, I don’t think he’s even doing enough to sell this series at this point.

  • 50

    Red Hood: The Hill #3 continues the series’ trend of having the character who is theoretically supposed to be the main character or at least a central character, Red Hood, be mostly a side player. It also continues the feeling that the story is treading water. We have the Big Bad still frustrated with the Good Guys and their efforts, the Good Guys looking to have someone else take on their work for now with the reminder that Batman or the rest of the Bat Fam seem to generally only care about certain parts of Gotham. The only thing that is really of interest here is that there’s a major attack that leaves the fates of most of the characters a major question mark at the end of the issue but then much of that interest is wasted when Batman shows up. At this point, as a reader I’m still not entirely certain what’s going on here other than to drive home the point that there are pockets of Gotham that the heroes don’t touch and that’s a problem but that alone doesn’t feel like enough to build a story on.

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