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Red Hood: The Hill #0 (of 6)

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Before you embark on Red Hood’s newest adventure in the Hill, experience the story that introduced Jason to his new home! As The Joker War ravages Gotham, a new vigilante group has formed to protect their turf, and Red Hood finds himself caught in the crossfire! This thrilling tale collects Red Hood: Outlaw #51 and #52, and is essential reading to get you ready for all hell to come to the Hill in Red Hood: The Hill!

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  • 90

    Geek Dad

    While Jason is the star here, much of this story centers around new characters, the Harlowe sisters. One, Dana, is a small businesswoman and Jason’s friend who moonlights as a vigilante. The other, Denise, is a respected TV anchorwoman and activist who believes vigilantes are a hazard after their father was injured in Joker War. Both are pretty compelling characters and give Jason some good people to bounce off. And of course, Jason has a complex history with Killer Croc here as well, and the big guy doesn’t come off as a straight-forward villain. I remember loving this story way back when, and it holds up nicely today. If the series holds up to this promise, it could be the best Jason Todd story in years.
  • 80


    Red Hood: The Hill #0 is both a great refresher for the upcoming miniseries and a fresh new take on Red Hood. I’ve always felt that every character can shine, given the right creator. Shawn Martinbrough may be the creator that Jason Todd’s been searching for.
  • 76

    The Batman Universe

    Jason gets his own book. I just do not like the new villain created for it. Hopefully this character will be a one-and-done and better villains will be developed in future issues. Hopefully Red Hood may reveal his identity to Dana as well.
  • 70

    But Why Tho?

    Red Hood: The Hill #0 is the comic equivalent of an expansion DLC. A neglected part of Gotham has been opened up. With it comes new supporting casts and villains, using cameos from the main part of the city to prop them up and stir the pot. However, a consistent identity needs to be established. Throughout the book, the buildings and the streets adapt and change, and it can be detrimental to the sense of place. It needs to decide on one of those designs and build off of it instead of having so many different settings that are supposed to be the same.
  • 70

    Dark Knight News

    Red Hood The Hill: #0 does a great job of showing a human side to Jason Todd as he does his best to strike out alone as a hero in his own right. I’m now eager to see the story’s future, as it could truly go anywhere.
  • 57

    Comic Watch

    Overall, Red Hood: The Hill #0 lacks a sense of excitement or thematic weight in the current comic book climate, not offering much interms of artistic relevancy but what it does do is establish the potential greatness of what's to come from Shawn Martinbrough and company going into the rest of the upcoming mini-series.

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