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Red Goblin #8

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Normie Osborn has been playing a game of cat and mouse with his grandfather Norman, the reformed Green Goblin. But while the Osborn family’s been bickering, another violent and bloodthirsty threat has been watching them and biding time to make its move…

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    The complicated and constantly evolving relationship between Normie Osborn and Rascal is at the heart of what makes Marvel’s Red Goblin series so thoroughly compelling, and that is once again on display in Red Goblin #8. Writer Alex Paknadel has fleshed out Normie’s supporting cast, especially on the Urich side of the equation, but Normie’s realizations about himself and Rascal coming to terms with the relationship they will have moving forward simply steal the show at every turn. These sequences are heightened across the board thanks to the talented team of artist Chris Campana, David Muriel, Roberto Poggi, and Joe Caramagna, and that final Goblin form is pretty damn impressive. That said, I would’ve loved to see a bit more done with the Goblin Knight and her reaction to the previous betrayal, especially if one particular scene truly turns out to be the end. That feels rather abrupt and unresolved if that turns out to be true. Despite that one potential pitfall, Red Goblin continually discovers new layers in the central host and symbiote dynamic, and I simply can’t get enough.

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