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Red Goblin #5

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Cletus Kasady is back in New York and more powerful and bloodthirsty than ever! Normie Osborn, meanwhile, is eager to prove himself as the new RED GOBLIN! But when that eagerness puts him on a collision course with Carnage, Normie and his symbiote will emerge from this issue forever changed!

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22 pages
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    Comic Watch

    Narrative dysfunction, while super prominent and somewhat disruptive of the main narrative at hand, isn't enough to take away from Pakndel's skill as a writer. While this issue doesn't hit the highs of those that came before, as piece in a larger puzzle, it keeps up the momentum of both Carnage Reigns and Red Goblin enough to keep either from faltering fully in the face of a crossover.
  • 60

    It's important to note that Red Goblin #5 is also part four of the "Carnage Reigns" crossover event, and while there are some great moments involving Normie and Rascal, they far too often get overshadowed by all the other symbiote insanity. The moments where writer Alex Paknadel is able to spotlight Normie and Rascal interacting with each other and the moments they get to interact with Miles are fantastic, but there's just so much other real estate taken up by Cletus and a number of other characters that the issue loses a lot of what's made the series so compelling. I will say that artist Jan Bazaldua, colorist David Muriel, and letterer Joe Caramagna deliver from cover to cover, wringing every bit of tension out of each scene and presenting Cletus as a terrifying force of nature. There's moments to enjoy, but I'll be happy when Red Goblin is able to get back to what it does best.

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