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Red Goblin #10

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As Normie Osborn loses himself to his symbiote and his family’s legacy, his only friend, Dylan Brock, A.K.A. VENOM, stands as the last line of defense between what’s left of Normie Osborn and the monstrosity called the RED GOBLIN!

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21 pages
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  • 90

    Red Goblin goes back to where it all began for its conclusion, delivering a satisfying full circle moment for the series leads. Writer Alex Paknadel waited to bring back Dylan, and the patience paid off, as the Normie Dylan first gave Rascal to is very much not the Normie Dylan is meeting now. The complicated and difficult lives the two characters have experienced lends the duo’s conversations a legitimacy and welcome genuineness that feels earned, even if they haven’t shared much screen time in the series overall. There is some awkwardness to some of their exchanges due to the odd proportions, but elsewhere artist Chris Campana, colorist David Curiel, and inker Roberto Poggi deliver several high octane action sequences that also further Normie and Rascal’s growth as individual entities and as a team. Red Goblin has been one of 2023’s most pleasant surprises, and I’m happy to report it also nailed the landing.

  • 89

    Comic Watch

    While it isn’t the most satisfying series finale, Red Goblin #10 is still a pretty strong ending to the title, one that provides an open-ended promise that this isn’t the last we will see of Normie in the modern day. While niche and underserved, this series has been one of Marvel’s best this year and something all superhero comics should strive to be: Engaging, exciting, and driven by human character.

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