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Ranger Academy #3

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Though exciting, Ranger Academy is challenging for Sage. Having trouble fitting in, Sage seeks answers in the Academy’s library, discovering a connection to her adoptive father’s past in the library’s archives…

In an effort to learn more about the school and her place in it, Sage’s curiosity takes her to an abandoned part of the campus…only to discover something even more shocking than she ever realized…

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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Ranger Academy continues to impressively develop its core cast while also weaving a host of impressive mysteries throughout and around their evolving stories, and issue #3 is no exception. Writer Maria Ingrande Mora has captured that ever so elusive element that makes a Power Rangers story feel so unique, and yet also builds new tiers atop that foundation. The dynamic between Sage, Lindy, and Theo is a delight to behold, and Sage’s conversations with Nika are just as captivating. These all feed into the supremely genuine moments of sadness and grief discovered along the way, all brilliantly heartbreaking courtesy of artist Jo Mi-Gyeong and colorist Fabiana Mascolo. The mysteries on the horizon are delivered through effective breadcrumbs, and major movement is made here in that regard, even if there are plenty of questions still to be answered. Ranger Academy has truly discovered its stride, and things only look to go up from here.

  • 70

    The Comic Book Spot

    A different type of story than usual Power Ranger stories. There are nods to past teams but a lot of mystery and secrecy and it appears that Tula could be revealed to be a villain in a future issue. Time will tell.

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