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Radiant Black #27

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Based on 3 critic ratings.


Nathan and Marshall face the consequences of their decisions.

In the rubble of skyscrapers, the second trial begins. RADIANT BLACK is a Massive-Verse series.

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29 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95

    Nerd Initiative

    The creative team’s ability to push the boundaries of storytelling coupled with stunning visuals solidifies these issues as a testament to the excellence achievable within the comic book medium. Radiant Black is revolutionizing the art of storytelling in epic arcs! Undoubtedly, it stands among the paramount comic events of 2023, setting a new standard for excellence in the medium.

  • 85


    Radiant Black 27 & 27.5 are massive, exciting story that never loses focus on its characters or their choices, continuing to prove it is a must read for any comic book reader

  • 70

    The second trial has begun in the great Catalyst War, and Marshall is the first one up to bat. Radiant Black #27 is actually part one of a two issue story released in the same week, and while both issues have the same central starting point, the characters that lead them shake things up considerably. Marshall leads the charge in issue #27, and as a result leans more into the action thrill ride aspect of the series. Writers Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark continuously keep Marshall on his heels throughout the issue, leading to high octane battles and brutal twists that artist Eduardo Frigate and colorist Raul Angulo bring to marvelous life. Granted, there’s nothing we didn’t necessarily know revealed about Marshall throughout, and when compared to issue #27.5 there are some elements that I preferred, but overall this is still a strong issue that is setting the stage for bigger things to come.

    Radiant Black #27 puts Marshall in the spotlight as the second trial beings, but that is flipped on its head for Radiant Black #27.5, which puts Nathan in the driver’s seat. While the main beats of the story is the same as #27, #27.5 feels far different thanks to the approach and demeanor of its lead. Writers Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark take advantage of Nathan’s more nuanced and less aggressive approach, and that allows the interactions throughout the issue to yield more fruit. Speaking of interactions, Nathan and Satomi play off each other immensely well, and bringing Satomi in delivers the punch (no pun intended) the book needs to balance out Nathan’s more thoughtful approach. Artist Thobias Daneluz and colorist Rod Fernandes knock her sequences out of the park, though they don’t disappoint with Nathan either when he finally gets to cut loose. All of the various elements came together quite well in Radiant Black #27.5, and of the two, this is the issue that left me wanting more.

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