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Radiant Black #24

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With their shared powers out of control, Nathan and Marshall go back to the source. But what new challenges await them within Existence? And what secrets will come out in a place with only truth?

RADIANT BLACK is a Massive-Verse series.

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    As teased at the end of the last issue, Radiant Black #24 finds our heroes venturing to the vivid realm of Existence. The return to this world provided the creative team with the opportunity to once again explore crafting a “Black Light” issue. Packed with gorgeous imagery, marvelous colors, and creative designs with each page turn, this issue demonstrates a clear understanding of how you can innovate within the medium and craft a reader experience outside of the norm. From a storytelling perspective, we’ve been getting more and more mythology over the most recent issues, and this latest installment is in no short supply. I won’t give it away, but the official designation for the robot is pretty damn awesome and original to say the least.

    Masterfully executed, Radiant Black #24 will surely stand out for long time readers as being a visually striking installment filled with game-changing answers. I would like to give a shoutout to Marcelo and Igor for delivering one of the most wonderfully imaginative issues to date (the final frame on Page 13 is one of my absolute favorites). If you have the opportunity to purchase the Black Light variant for this release, I would highly recommend spending the extra money. Jack Kirby would be proud to see a book like this hitting the stands.

    As part of his continuing quest to change traditional comic book audience engagement, Kyle has once again upped the stakes and included a special QR code on the final page. This particular QR inclusion could have major ramifications on the Massive-Verse, so make sure you check it out once you have completed the issue. No spoilers.

    Catalyst is coming. Decisions must be made. Just remember…there is only truth in Existence.

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    Nerd Initiative

    All roads lead to the next phase of the MassiveVerse’s flagship title with an incredible issue concluding this prelude arc. Higgins, Costa, Monti and Carey present two heroes outmatched for what lies ahead but refusing to surrender with superb writing and an amazing visual experience. There is a reason this line of books are comics’ most exciting line and led by Radiant Black. The buzz surrounding this series never fails to deliver and this issue will be one fans will be talking about this week on New Comic Book day. Highest possible recommendation.

  • 90


    Being the finale of its current story arc, Radiant Black #24 ends on a massive note that leaves you wanting more. With the threat of giant alien robots fast approaching and the fate of Radiant Black hanging in the balance, it sets the stage for the series to go in crazy directions from here. After what felt like a stagnant point in the story, this new arc has been a return to form for the series. Seeing the lore behind the Radiants and Existence is a treat, especially considering this series is the centerpiece of the Massive-Verse. The moment you turn that final page, you can feel that Radiant Black is building up to its biggest story yet.

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    In the two years that I’ve been reading Radiant Black, I can safely say that very few comics have pushed the storytelling envelope in the way this series has. It has its own soundtrack, merchandise including a working helmet, and even an animated short film. But one of the biggest – and trippiest – choices was to set an entire issue inside the realm of Existence, which was displayed in a blacklight format. Radiant Black #24 returns to this format, putting its protagonists through a lot in the process.


    Radiant Black #24 forces both of its protagonists to re-enter Existence and deal with some harsh truths, while setting the stage for the Catalyst War. Whatever this storyline brings to the table, it should continue the trailblazing path that the series has been on.

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    Get Your Comic On

    After a couple of issues which really focussed on spectacle, Radiant Black #24 circled back to its characters brilliantly this month. It serves as the perfect reminder that underneath all of the superhero action are the beating hearts of two very human characters.

    With the Catalyst War event on the horizon Radiant Black is running at full speed in preparation. Issue #24 allows Costa and Monti to explore their wild side in a technicolour explosion whilst Higgins sets in motion some huge plot lines for the future…

  • 70

    Radiant Black is never afraid to get trippy, and in the past that’s made for some of the series’ most memorable moments. Unfortunately the first half of the issue doesn’t quite connected like past trips to existence, though the second half picks up in a major way and sends the issue out on a stellar note. Artist Marcelo Costa, colorist Igor Monti, and letterer Becca Carey are true MVPs throughout the issue, creating a landscape that you simply can’t take your eyes off of. What doesn’t capture your attention as much is the first half of Nathan and Marshall’s journey, as the confrontations they are having in these early tests feel like they’ve already been explored in past issues. The issue switches up later on though, exploring some hard truths from Nathan that propel a story that’s served as the heart of this series forward. The world of Radiant Black continues to surprise and impress, and that doesn’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon.

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    First Comics News

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