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Radiant Black #23

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One giant robot? No problem. All the Radiants working together took it down easily. So what if there’s one more coming?

…What’s that? Look at the cover? Why would I look at the…oh.

Oh no.

RADIANT BLACK is a Massive-Verse series.

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    Across the board, the creative team is firing on all cylinders, as always. While there isn’t much story to get through in issue #23, writer Kyle Higgins is setting the stage for what comes next. Action is the issue’s star, and artist Eduardo Ferigato and colourists Raúl Angulo and Marcelo Costa create some breathtaking sequences. The choreography and colors work in tandem to create engaging cinematic moments.

    Radiant Black #23 is another strong issue in a strong series. Wonderfully drawn and coloured action sequences create a fantastic battle in the heart of Lockport. With a fun surprise appearance in the final pages, issue #23 is a great issue setting up an exciting upcoming event.

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    Despite the team’s best efforts, all roads are leading to war in Radiant Black #23, and there is certainly a big event feel to what is arguably a prelude to what’s to come. Writer Kyle Higgins is an expert at lulling you into a false sense of security and then hitting you with a knockout blow, and that is on display once more with a delightful sequence on the expansion of the Radiant brand. Then things just become complete chaos in the best way, with giant robots and superpowers battling it out in the sky. Artist Eduardo Ferigato, colorists Raul Angulo, Marcelo Costa, and letterer Becca Carey craft eye popping splash pages that showcase how wonderful the concept can be when given the space, and they continue to find slick new upgrades for Radiant Black. I’m looking forward to when the other Radiants can join in on the fun, but for now Radiant Black continues to chart a compelling course, and if this is just the prelude to what’s to come, this should have no issue living up to the epic premise.

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    Major Spoilers

    The back-burner plotline is coming to the forefront, and Radiant Black #23 hurtles into the first phases of The Catalyst War with a few art and plotting wobbles, but an overall successful story and the possibility of another Radiant waiting in the wings. The big question is what the Massive-Verse will look like when all is said and done.

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