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Radiant Black #21

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Up against an enemy unlike anything they’ve ever seen, Nathan and Marshall will have to learn how to share their powers-or else the two Radiants Black might not survive until the end of the night!

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    Major Spoilers

    It might be hard to see an issue as full of hints and flash-forwards and foreshadowing as Radiant Black #21 as being satisfying as a single-issue read, but the strong art of Costa and Ferigato, combined with some unusual story beats makes it all work for 4 out of 5 stars overall. We’ve built up a pretty substantial status quo in the book’s first two years, but I’m starting to get that feeling I got right before the shakeups in Invincible and I feel like there’s a big surprise coming for readers of this book.

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    Radiant Black’s never afraid to take chances and seek creativity, and rarely does that not pay off. The same can be said for Radiant Black #21, as Kyle Higgins finds a stellar way to twist traditional concepts, such as a government connection. Only in Radiant Black would you have superheroes working with the USPS on apprehending supervillains, and Higgins never misses a chance to mine that golden premise for comedic gems.

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