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Radiant Black #20

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Based on 3 critic ratings.

As the alien artifact activates and reveals its true purpose to the world, Nathan and Marshall will have to work together to stop it – even if it means making a decision neither of them is ready to make.

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  • 90

    While Nathan and Marshall’s ever-evolving friendship continues to be the book’s foundation, Radiant Black has also developed a stellar supporting cast of heroes, and Radiant Black #20 starts to move them all into position for a truly epic adventure. While we’ve seen a brief team-up in the past, we seem to be heading to a massive one in the near future, as Kyle Higgins teases what’s to come thanks to a thrilling team-up with Radiant Red and Radiant Pink (and the slightest tease of Radiant Yellow to boot). Eva and Satomi bring so much charm and new energy to every scene they’re in, and artist Marcelo Costa, color assistant Rod Fernandes, and letterer Becca Carey deliver so much creativity and style with their individual power sets and how they work in conjunction with each other. The massive robot does feel a bit uneven in the second half of the issue compared to the first, but it wasn’t so much as to deter my enjoyment of the issue and having these characters all in the same place. Now that we are just one piece away from a full squad, I cannot wait to see what lies ahead, and Radiant Black continues to be one of the coolest superhero comics out there.

  • 90

    Lyles Movie Files

    Writer Kyle Higgins has set up an incredibly fun universe and these issues pay off the investment in building up the world and establishing the various spin-offs. The Radiants play off each other well to give a taste of how easily sustainable a team book would be with this group. Higgins also gets the need to slow burn a villain/threat. Make it too easy and it seems like it was a lot of buildup for nothing. Make the threat too tough and it leads to a cheap resolution.

    Artist Marcelo Costa has such a light, fun flowing style that works well with the frenetic pacing and excitement of the series. That’s not just reserved for the drawings, but the dazzling colors.

    Radiant Black continues to be a fun ride for Image and this wider universe keeps on giving various fun scenarios and ominous cliffhangers. Heading into 2023, the sky is wide open for this universe.

  • 73

    Major Spoilers

    In short, Radiant Black #20 is a nicely done comic story, carefully building on what has gone before, hinting about what’s waiting in the wings, and delivering the exciting fighty-fighty in style. I’ve been fooled too many times by Parrott and company’s storytelling to guess where it’s leading, but I have a suspicion that #25 may herald an all-new, dare I say Super Sentai direction for this book. Even if I’m wrong, it’s clear that it’ll be an exciting ride.

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