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Radiant Black #19

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A brand-new alien object has landed in Chicago. But what is it? And…why isn’t it doing anything? And in the wake of the shocking ending of the fight with EpicFront…who even is Radiant Black these days?

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  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Radiant Black #19 begins a brand new era for the cosmic-powered champion while also bringing two years’ worth of stories to a head. I have the feeling that future issues will introduce even more upheaval into the Radiants’ lives. The question remains: how will they deal with it?

  • 80

    Thanks to the recent Radiant split, Radiant Black has the best of both worlds at the moment, as Nathan and Marshall both bring something unique to the series. Writer Kyle Higgins continues to flesh out both sides of this Radiant universe through the dual leads, with Marshall being the front man for the superpowered side of things while Nathan’s focus seems to be on the larger picture and what it means to the humans caught up in it all. Ideas large and small populate the issue, and artist Marcelo Costa, Inker Carlos Eduardo, and letterer Becca Carey know how to make an impact with both, though who doesn’t love a massive sci-fi robot, right? You are correct, everyone loves giant robots, but there’s substance in the layer underneath as well, and that’s where Radiant Black continues to do some of its best work.

  • 73

    Major Spoilers

    After an exciting sequence of four or five issues, Radiant Black #19 slows things down for a look at the new two-man status quo, but ends with a promise of a giant frickin’ robot fight next time around, with strong art balancing out a quieter-than-usual issue. I hope that the answers to Nathan’s questions don’t end up getting somebody killed.

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