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Purr Evil #2 (of 6)

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One cannot escape one’s demons forever! Jason has managed to find Rita again and threatens to make her pay for all the sins of the past. But Rita and Steve have bigger problems to think about. Deb and Robert have disappeared to who knows where, and as time moves inexorably on, the two young lovers are about to discover that recklessness can have terrifying consequences!

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  • 100


    Purr Evil blends magic, mayhem, and mystery into a pop-rock paste and paints the most beautiful story with it across page after bloody page.

  • 86

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Things are getting more intense and Adolfo does a fantastic job of keeping the suspense going while also rounding out the characters and making them more compelling in both their actions and motivations. I love the build up of tension throughout the story and the plot creates an interesting world of monsters and mystery that I am eager to keep exploring.

    The Art: Braga’s art is incredibly beautiful and brilliantly detailed in both the characters and the gore they witness. The visual style is perfect for the story and works perfectly with the horror and human elements.

  • 70


    In issue #2, especially, there’s so much thrown at us (information and idea-wise), and while the rest of the book tries to keep us engaged with art and clever editing and the like, things may have resonated even more effectively if we had a little time to sort it all out or have some moments to let one idea last longer before it jumps to the next grand thought/notion. (The only thing this book doesn’t actually give enough time to? Making the sexy father and son pair, Steve and Robert, feel like more than a plot device, but it’s fine enough for now.)

    If all of that sounds too much for you, Purr Evil may be worth sitting out. But if you like the work, then watch as this book slams an (original) Four Loko, lights itself on fire, and runs around playing Van Halen guitar solos — truly a sight to behold. You may want to stretch your brain a bit before hopping aboard and getting down with this bonkers comics Conga line.

  • 70


    In an action-packed romp of an issue, Purr Evil explores the truth behind the demonic cats and why the fate of the world rests on young Deb’s shoulders.

  • 60

    Comic Book Revolution

    Purr Evil #2 escalates the story for better or worse. A lot of what works with the way the story escalates is thanks to the great artwork. The writing does need to improve its world building to compliment what the series lead are put through by the evil demonic force behind everything.

  • 40

    Purr Evil #2 continues its wicked journey this week with a first date. As our protagonist finds themselves spending the day with a crush, things go awry fast when their feline demons make themselves known. Though filled with action, this fast-paced issue brings little to the table, so Purr Evil will need to toss a treat to readers soon to keep them sticking around.

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