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Purr Evil #1 (of 6)

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Rita loves her daughter Deb, but a dark evil from her past threatens the lives of anyone who gets too close to it. Can the bond between two women overcome a life built on blood and lies? And what secret is lurking in the Morando family’s apartment?

Written by Harvey Award-winning superstar MIRKA ANDOLFO (SWEET PAPRIKA, MERCY, UNNATURAL, Punchline) and illustrated by fan-favorite LAURA BRAGA (WITCHBLADE, Future State: The Next Batman, Harley Quinn, DC Bombshells), PURR EVIL is a stand-out story about the relationship between a mother who gave everything for her daughter and a daughter who needs to figure out her role in a world that she’s about to doom!

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30 pages
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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Andolfo crafts an interesting and exciting new story with a great mystery and characters that I instantly connected with. The plot is filled with mayhem, murder and mystery throughout and I loved the tension between the characters. The story is incredibly engaging and I cannot wait to see where the story goes and what reveals come next.

    The Art: Braga delivers some beautifully detailed and interesting art on every page of this issue. The visuals are engaging and I love the character designs a lot.

  • 80

    Comic Book Revolution

    Purr Evil #1 is a strong debut with Mirka Andolfo and Laura Braga developing characters and a world your immediately invested in. This is all done through a mystery driven by the mother-daughter series leads who are our gateway to something bigger that is going on. This mystery along with great artwork makes Purr Evil #1 a can’t miss.

  • 80


    Purr Evil starts off strong with some great action beats and the looming feeling that something sinister is on the horizon. I feel like this is going to be one of those slow-burn stories that has a really fulfilling payoff.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    The first issue engages the reader through a sense of mystery and weirdness. So much of what drives the action from page to page lies in the foundations of that mystery. There is a little bit of intriguing drama with Deb. She seems like a truly interesting character. However, that might not be enough to keep this series feeling novel. A series based in mystery can rather quickly turn out to be dull in full view. The first issue’s great. Andolfo is going to have to tread carefully in the issues to come. It’s a fun story so far, but occult and gore and family drama…could turn unpleasantly silly really, really quickly.

  • 76

    Geek'd Out

    Together, Andolfo and Braga have managed to produce a strange, yet beautiful comic with a lot of potential that gets bogged down by too many ideas. With any luck, future installments will shed more light on the proceedings so readers will have something to latch onto. Until then, Purr Evil will likely leave you grasping for something that’s not yet within reach.

  • 75

    Sequential Planet

    Purr Evil #1 marks the beginning of another captivating and mysterious comic by Mirka Andolfo. While the premise may not cater to all audiences, the series shows promise with its intriguing characters and compelling mystery. For those drawn to enigmatic tales, Purr Evil has enough substance to warrant anticipation for the next issue.

  • 70

    Indie Comix Dispatch

    As a geek on a budget I would say to know yourself before picking up Purr Evil. If you want a story where everything is laid out for you in the first few pages and then it’s nonstop action, this isn’t the book for you. If you like a steady pace with lots of nuances to pick up on, you’ll be in for a treat.

  • 65


    If you’ve never read Andolfo, I’d earnestly urge you to still give it a try. You may feel like you just main-lined SweeTarts, but you may also find the experience surprisingly addictive.

  • 60

    Purr Evil kickstarts a new series under Image that will make cat lovers look at felines in an all-new way. The dark series doesn’t shy away from gore as we watch a mother-daughter duo deal with everything from murder to cat devils and astra projections. Things go from bad to worse when an innocent boy gets dragged into the situation, and it falls to our favorite mother to save the couple from themselves.

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