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Precious Metal #2 (of 6)

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Factions clash over control of the modified child with devastating consequences as Max confronts a past transgression—pushing him toward a disturbing moment of self-discovery.

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    Series creators Darcy Van Polegeest (writer) and Ian Bertram (artist) are pushing the boundaries of what we expect from comics storytelling, delivering a hard sci-fi story that is less interested in giving you plot points to follow and more about fully immersing you in a world and its key players. Luckily Bertram’s art, with colors by Matt Hollingsworth, is spellbinding, and this is a series that has something on almost every page that will take your breath away.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Once again, Precious Metal transports the reader to a very distinctive different place. Dream like world that is speaking to something much deeper than can be communicated with words alone. This is the sort of thing that so brilliantly captures the way that comic books are unique as an artistic medium. What’s being executed here couldn’t be conjured in quite the same way in any other medium. It is very much its own thing and it is very much resting in its own world. And it’s a very compelling place to visit.

  • 90


    You can’t deny the results, and Precious Metal continues to be a powerful book for this feat. I simply can’t wait to see how else the creators move and spin to create an ever more beguiling story.

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