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Power Pack: Into The Storm #5 (of 5)

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When the enemy’s attempt to siphon FranklinRichard’s powers goes horribly wrong, the Power Pack must figure out how to reverse the damage – and save their friend in the process.

But in a battle of wills, the obvious solution may not always be the wisest…

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22 pages
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    The Fandom Post

    The simple reality is that no matter how much you want to you can’t go back home again. I have such strong memories of picking up that first original issue so many years ago that it was enough to get me to dig into this book. The core of things are still there but it unfortunately leaned so hard overall into the current Marvel method with so much action and so little real character time that it didn’t feel like it was a story worth telling. And that’s unfortunate because there are plenty of things to do with these kids but the need to always make it so big is what harms what should be a “small” property for the most part. The team did a great job bringing it all together and it has so many neat moments with the art and designs, but it needed to be an issue shorter, have a bit less of the guest appearances, and spend more time at home and just being normal kids and a family more than anything else. Nostalgia is what saves this book from me but that’s only so much it can do.

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    Power Pack: Into the Storm #5 moves forward with more action for its tiny heroes. As the crew gets a better understanding of their powers, all eyes turn to the pack as danger comes their way from an unlikely avenue.

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