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Power Pack: Into The Storm #2 (of 5)

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When agents of both the Snarks and the Brood – old enemies of the Power Pack – attack the Power siblings overnight, it will take the combined might of the siblings and their allies to escape in one piece. But the Powers are not the only prize their enemies seek…

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    The Fandom Post

    Power Pack doesn’t stray far from what it’s always been and that’s both a good and bad thing. I do wish that we had more downtime and character material since these kids are interesting and it doesn’t always have to be quips and arguments amid big battles. I also wish we had a change in the dynamic with the parents because it’s been this week, seemingly, for so long. We get a lot of action here, an amusing X-Men guest appearance, and a book that feels like it’s just stepping out of its place in the 1980s like a long-lost book. It’s fun and enjoyable as it moves the story forward through action and a growing number of villains to have to deal with. It’s a weird bit of enjoyable nostalgia that’s completely new.

  • 60

    Power Pack: Into the Storm #2 goes live with this with an array of colors on hand. Our pint-sized heroes continue to explore their newfound gifts while keeping their parents out of the loops. Of course, things get hard when some intergalactic aliens rear their heads to the chagrin of the gang. This week’s issue shines with its gorgeous otherworldly art, so Marvel fans will want to pay color attention to palette this week.

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