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Power Girl #7

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

The Supergirls are trapped!

While tracking down the missing citizens of Metropolis, Paige and Kara have found themselves powerless in the mythical realm of Ferembia.

They’ll now have to rely on their wits to find an escape and the brains behind the whole operation before they’re stuck in their own personal dark age!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Overall, the issue is well worth a read if not just for the collaboration between Leah Williams and Marguerite Sauvage. The two have a creative synergy that pushes all the right ambitions for the series to the max whether its with their knack for absurdist comedy or their drive to craft a stunning story both visually and literary. As we move into House of Brainiac, the first crossover of the series, we can only hope Sauvage continues to grace the series with her work.

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    Sometimes comics forget they can be fun. Yes, certain stories require a more hardened approach, but there’s a beauty to knowing exactly how to take readers on an adventure. Leah Williams has that superpower in droves. Taking Power Girl and Supergirl on a little detour to a world of fantasy, one with its own lore and mythos (that are both easily digestible), is such a wonderful idea and it’s executed perfectly. I only with there was more of this story to come.

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    Geek Dad

    This title will be shifting its tone dramatically again next month for the House of Brainiac story, so this was a great breather.

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    The Aspiring Kryptonian

    The art is fantastic and adds an inviting all-ages aspect to the comic as a whole. The writing has been stellar from the beginning, but this one is especially fun done up like a fairytale. The story is well contained but I actually wouldn’t have minded staying in Ferimbia a bit longer. My guess is we haven’t seen the last of these new concepts as long as Leah Williams remains the writer.

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    Comics From The Multiverse

  • 30

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Power Girl #7 hurriedly wraps up the cartoon fairytale adventure with rushed scenes, semi-slapstick action, and tons of exposition. Williams was likely told to cut the story short to make way for Absolute Power, and it shows.

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    DC Comics News

    There’s just no reason to expect Power Girl #7 to be any better than issue #6. In fact, there’s not reason to expect any issue of this series to improve significantly. Williams’ lack of understanding of the character and inability to write an interesting story (she abandoned the interesting stuff in the first arc) give no hope for Power Girl fans. Perhaps, Power Girl is new to you…it’s impossible to separate established a character substance, history and tone for longtime fans. This series has turned its back on those fans seemingly in the hope that this new Paige-iteration will attract a different audience. Head over to the current Justice Society of America comic for the real Power Girl (costume notwithstanding) so Paige can wither and die on the vine with a subsequent rebirth of Karen Starr, Power Girl.

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    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    This issue also has similar problems that I have had with prior ones on this run. There are too many silly moments about food. There is an insert character who basically saves the day instead of the heroes. (In this case, since Omen isn’t around to bail out the title character, we get a new ‘Omen’ instead.) Even though we are in a fantasy world, there are too many forced ‘slice of life’ moments. And what could have been an interesting focus of the story (comparing and contrasting Kara from ‘Paige’) is given exactly one moment.

    As I said before, this whole thing reads like Williams wanted to do a Ferimbia story and shoved Power Girl and Supergirl into it.

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