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Power Girl #5

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Based on 6 critic ratings.

The cat’s out of the bag-Streaky takes center stage in a hair-raising adventure! Will the super-pet have what it takes to save Metropolis from its greatest canine threat? Or has the city really gone to the dogs?

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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    There are filler issues and there are issues where you use a super-powered cat to solve a stray pet mystery and help bridge the gap into your next arc. Power Girl took the latter approach. It’s a remarkably breezy adventure with almost no dialogue, and it’s probably one of the most delightful comics on the shelf this week.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    It’s a cute animal-centric adventure, but there are a few too many scenes of animals in serious peril for it to really feel lighthearted. The art by David Baldeon is great with animals, and it’s a fun and experimental done-in-one issue, but doesn’t have the timelessness of the classic Krypto one-off.

  • 70


    Kara’s character development since Supergirl Special #1 helps make the casual visit to Paige’s apartment work, but in context it feels too out of place. If Williams wanted to really lean into the nature of this teaser, it probably could’ve been done in a way that was more in line with the rest of the book, such as keeping that brief ending subplot still from Streaky’s perspective. Regardless, all creatives involved crafted a very charming and fun filler issue, and I’m still very excited to see where the teaser goes.

  • 40

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Power Girl #5 makes little sense as a cooldown, silent issue that focuses on Power Girl’s cat. Williams did her best to build up the Symbio-Ship’s return as a defining moment for Power Girl with an intriguing cliffhanger at the end of the last issue, only to dispose of every ounce of momentum and intrigue for no benefit. This issue is a waste.

  • 40

    DC Comics News

    If you just read the Streaky section of Power Girl #5, the issue is a decently fun diversion. There’s noting remarkable about it, but it’s not terrible. It’s an innocuous little tale to put a couple smiles on your face. Overall, the issue suffers from the ending…realizing there’s no escape from this version of Power Girl. This series is not for fans of Power Girl, that’s obvious. It’s not quite clear who it’s for. Maybe there’s an audience for it…I’d love to know if it has found an audience that likes this Power Girl.

  • 40

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    David Baldeon is on art here and brings a sort of cartoony feel to the proceedings which works for a cute animal issue. I think this style fits the tone of the book perfectly. He draws animals very well.

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