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Poison Ivy #8

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

Poison Ivy’s adventure in fracking comes to an emotional head when the return of an old friend forces our verdant villain to confront the very real, very human costs of her actions.

Will Ivy turn over a new leaf or is she sticking to her plan?

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    ‘Poison Ivy’ #8 continues to build off its stellar opening story arc, showcasing even deeper character growth and moments for the protagonist as well as those around her. Truly gorgeous energetic ecological horror meets the beauty of humanity without losing any of its edge as a sharp justified finger continues to point at the broken system that plagues our world daily. This is a comic book with a lot to say and everyone needs to be listening to what it has to say.

  • 100

    I truly wish more comics were like this particular issue of Poison Ivy. Wilson’s run has, largely, been a series of vignettes where we get snapshots of the experience of living in this world at this moment in time and while some issues have deviated from that to pull together some semblance of a plot – the overall title shines best when we see Ivy being forced to confront humanity, both her own and that of others, and in the process forces the reader to truly see the world. (…) There isn’t much action here. This is mostly an issue that dwells in social commentary and reflection, but it’s deeply important and something we don’t get often enough in comics like this. The art here is really lovely as well and the colors, as always are perfection. I particularly love the idea that there is beauty in acknowledging the horrors of our reality and a gorgeousness and finding humanity in unexpected places.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Wilson has found a very sharp niche for Poison Ivy that rather brilliantly occupies space somewhere between drama and comedy and horror and action and heroism and…anti-heroism. The real genius is that she does all of that while delivering a coherently simple story that is totally accessible to just about any reader. Wilson has a very, very appealing relationship with Pam. It will be fun to see it develop in future issues.

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    Poison Ivy #8 continues to show this series is rightfully one of the most important superhero books on the stands today. It conveys real-life issues in easy-to-understand and relatable ways while further humanizing Ivy. Along the way, we see the good and the bad humanity brings, and like with Poison Ivy, we tend to lean towards the good being the winner of the debate. It just requires Poison Ivy to do horrific things to a lone toxic person.

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    Geek Dad

    The story relies a little too much on body horror for me at times and the villain is fairly one-note, but I will say I like how this issue addresses one of the most pressing issues of our time—the way the need for health care coerces workers to put their ethics aside out of desperation. This seems to be a more compassionate Ivy than we saw in the early issues of this series, so I’m hoping that trend continues into the final arc.

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    Dark Knight News

    At this point in the review, it’s clear that my favorite part was Janet from HR. I that we get to see more of her in the coming issues, even if it’s just short snippet updates. Ivy still has a long way to go on her journey and I know she will make it a good one. Everything about her in this series has come from an intellectually stimulating place. She isn’t just a villain and I hope people realize the layers she has as a character, assisted by the fantastic writing style of G. Willow Wilson.

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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 55


    This chapter of Poison Ivy was more readable than the last, but at the same time, problems with the dialogue and artwork are increasing. I also am not exactly sure what this book is building towards anymore with its story of Ivy as being more heroic. It seems like it would have been better if DC kept this to six issues.

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