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Poison Ivy #24

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Dr. Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man (a.k.a. Floro), has stacked the deck in his favor. Neither Ivy’s powers nor her allies are enough to put an end to Floro and his devilish plan to turn Ivy’s victims against her. As time, and her own supply of blood, runs out, one thing becomes apparent: to bring the outbreak of the parasitic fungi, Ophiocordyceps Lamia, to an end, Poison Ivy will have to kill both her own creator and herself.

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100


    Month after month, issue after issue, the feeling remains the same. Poison Ivy #24 changes nothing as the series remains a true gem, giving wonderous depth and life to a character (and characters) that very much deserve this spotlight. Creating emotionally charged, horrific, and gorgeous imagery that cannot and should not be forgotten.

  • 96

    You Don't Read Comics

    The big 25th issue awaits. And it’s going to be really fun to see if the series reach this next phase. It’ll be interesting seeing where Wilson and company send her next. There is so many different possibilities at this stage. There are so many different ways for her wife to continue. The 25th she promises to take an in-depth look at her past present and future. So it should be interesting seeing exactly what Wilson and company have in mind for the character moving forward. Time will tell. But this really does look like a very thoughtful and executed series that continues to show promise into its third year.

  • 95

    Geek Dad

    This series is taking a short break now for a Gotham City Sirens series, but has been confirmed to return for a third act in September – an amazing run for a series that was initially supposed to be a miniseries. After taking Ivy for a incredibly dark and twisted ride, she’s back to her classic form – as a ruthless crusader for the world and for nature, and I can’t wait to see where Wilson takes her next.

  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    Wilson has tied up everything in this issue that was an ongoing arch. I can not explain how 24 issues of this run has affected the character and the way she should be perceived from now on, but I really hope the whole of the DC team is paying attention. Poison Ivy should always be written like this. I can not wait to see what Wilson has in store for us next.

  • 90


    After a few issues that overstayed their welcome, this conclusion of a major part of the titular character’s story makes all the patience readers invested worth it. I can confidently say that this is one of the best things I’ve read by a major publisher this year.

  • 89

    Comic Watch

    Poison Ivy #24 packs a narrative and artistic punch, asking readers to consider the nature of death and change in superhero comics.

  • 60

    Poison Ivy #24 is, largely, a loose ends issue. Not a lot happens, save for we get resolution of Ivy’s death and rebirth and the conclusion of the long journey we started with the beginning of this run. It’s a lovely meditation on everything that Pamela has learned and it certainly sets the stage for her next adventure. It’s also lovely to look at, but it’s pretty much just a nice little postscript that, in some respects, doesn’t quite feel like enough for a full issue. It is, however, nice to see Janet From HR finally get to unburden herself. She’s such a great character.

  • 30

    The Batman Universe

    Haining has not been listed as a guest artist since joining the run on issue 22, and it’s not hard to see why she was chosen as a replacement.  The art is good.  Haining deftly balances strong character work with action, and it bears more than a passing resemblance to Marcio Takara’s striking work, while not quite reaching the same highs. Arif Prianto’s colors are vivid and pleasant enough to, along with Haining, provide an animate visual contrast to the wearisome storytelling.

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