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Poison Ivy #20

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Pamela Isley’s world is spiraling out of control thanks to the influence of her professor, Dr. Jason Woodrue.

But just as things seem to be at their worst, a promising new classmate arrives on the scene and threatens to steal away the few nice things left in Pam’s life.

Meet Bella Garten, a.k.a…. THE GARDENER.

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26 pages
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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100


    Life continues to flash by Pamela Isley’s eyes as ‘Poison Ivy’ #20 continues to lay out the story that began it all for the popular eco-villain. Everything about this series continues to just fire on all cylinders, delivering one of the best solo character books that is on the stands today.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    The final pages of the issue lead up to the moment we’ve all known was coming, and Pamela’s decision and how she comes to it adds some very interesting new colors to her origin story. This has been a fascinating read that really brings the whole series full-circle.

  • 90

    If there is anything not quite up to standard about Poison Ivy #20 is that it feels like we’re taking just a little too long with this trip through Pamela’s revised origin story – or perhaps even not quite enough considering how almost uneven young Pamela is when it comes to her decisions. That said, fleshing out the origin story in a way that shows the character as human and flawed as well as offers her current self to look back and take accountability for the choice that ultimately changes her entire trajectory has been an interesting way of reframing this icon. It’s an approach that really works and doesn’t let Pamela off the hook for her actions, both to the reader and to herself. More DC characters should be given this sort of introspection, though it’s interesting to see where this new facet of things will go once we return to the main story.

  • 85

    Derby Comics

    I was a bit bummed to be getting what I thought was going to be a standard origin story when Ivy’s present-day predicament was so interesting, but Wilson has completely proven me wrong with an expertly paced, well-written, and entertaining character study.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    I know we’re dragging out the reveal of how Ivy gets out of her predicament in the present, but I can’t say I’m mad about it. Poison Ivy #20 has given me the Dr. Pam Isley that I’ve been longing for, so Wilson knows what she’s doing. I trust in the process, and can not wait to see the end of this arc and the epic reveal of the present.

  • 80

    Comics From The Multiverse

  • 75


    While it can occasionally feel like this series is moving a little too fast for its own good, it nonetheless achieves an emotional impact and crafts a compelling new origin for one of the most interesting characters in the Bat’s rogues-gallery.

  • 66

    The Batman Universe

    Wilson, Takara, and Prianto continue their strong run on the series even if the middle chapter can sometimes feel more like setting pieces in motion than telling an organic story.

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