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Poison Ivy #10

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Before Ivy embarks on her trip back to Gotham, our verdant villainess sets her sights on a fungus-loving Hollywood celebrity with a lifestyle brand and spa that’s raising some major red flags on Ivy’s radar.

All this because poor Janet from HR wanted to have some R&R before the car ride back east!

Aw jeez!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    You Don't Read Comics

    Poison Ivy has been a triumph. A real success story. The six-issue mini-series is on its tenth issue, and there are more on the way. Sometime in February, it was announced that the series would be extended indefinitely, and…honestly, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer character…or a nicer creative team. Wilson, Takara, and Prianto have been doing an amazingly sophisticated job with a character who has never really been paired with the right team before. It’s nice to see Ivy getting along so well with the creative team that’s been ushering her through her own title.

  • 100


    Character development, deep emotional moments, and something quite unexpected throwing a hitch in Ivy’s plans to get back to Harley Quinn are at the center of another fabulous issue of the awesome and now fully ongoing ‘Poison Ivy’ series. This tenth issue circles back to some of the elements of the first arc and builds in even more drama and tension for Ivy as she tries to figure out her place in the world now that her mission has changed.

  • 86

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    POISON IVY #10 suffers somewhat from Janet’s presence. There are possibilities for her going forward depending on how Willow further crafts the story. But in this issue she doesn’t add much more than a cheerleader quality. That said, a weak issue of this series is still high quality and shouldn’t be missed.

  • 85


    Poison Ivy #10 is an absolutely gorgeous “side quest” for Pamela and her friend Janet, exploring the misguided nature and incidental harm of toxic wellness culture, the lie of “conscious capitalism,” and Poison Ivy’s continued impact on the world around her.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    This issue is one of the most laid-back of the run so far, with no apocalyptic threat in sight—or so it seems. No one is trying to kill Ivy, but everyone is just a little too into the mysterious green juice they’re being offered. When they drink it, they take leave of their senses—and get very sexually intense, including Ivy and a very enthusiastic Janet, who may be getting a little too obsessed with her traveling companion. This is the second comic in recent months to base a story around Ivy potentially cheating on Harley, which I’m not a fan of, but this one feels distinctly less soap-opera like and more eerie and suspenseful. This issue feels more like a bridge between the last story and the next, and doesn’t quite have the intensity of some of Wilson’s best issues, but it’s still building on some of the great work Wilson’s done with the character over the last nine issues.

  • 83

    Comic Watch

    The meat of the newest issue–set at the wellness retreat in California–is far more engrossing. While Janet and Ivy hope the weekend goes off without a hitch, they’re the protagonists of a psychedelic eco-horror series, so it doesn’t. Some of the dialogue and narration verge on the didactic, but portions of Wilson’s script are liquid gold. (…) Takara’s artwork masterfully moves between sexy and unsettling, while colorist Arif Prianto fills the book from cover to cover with the series’ trademark technicolor delirium. (…) Poison Ivy #10 is every bit as smart, scary, and sexy as Ivy. However, some moments of narrative ambiguity keep it from being the best possible version of itself.

  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    I wait every month for the latest issue to come out, and it’s always worth the wait. I’m so happy when I get to spend time with my girl. She’s been so much brighter in herself in the last few issues and I really hope she keeps catching a break. However, considering how Wilson left us, I kind of doubt that.

    It looks like we are in for an interesting next issue!

  • 65


    Wilson is taking Poison Ivy in a direction I would not have expected, but there is potential. It’s time to see if Ivy can really support an ongoing title as its sole protagonist.

  • 60

    While I don’t love Janet in this issue, I love the “side quest” feel of Poison Ivy #10 and all of the jabs at the “conscious capitalism” and toxic wellness movements. That is, perhaps, the absolute best part of the entirety of the Poison Ivy series – how it shines a light on our culture in a really interesting way while also examining the character. Functionally, however, this issue feels a little chaotic and a little scattered. It will be interesting to see where this arc goes from here given how sort of shaky things are in this slightly frantic and clumsy issue.

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