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Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3 (of 5)

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With the life of her brother at stake and a Worldbreaker determined never to break the world again, our young heroine must reassess everything she knows in a time of reversals and revelations.

The origin of the Haarg!

The true motivations of the High Priestess!

The return of the man of stone!

The deliverance of Jen!

What will our heroine discover, and who will join her for the final battle?

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    Un Cómic Más

  • 70

    Worldbreaker continues to explore the new world of Sakaar, showing us what She-Hulk has been up to while further diving into the mind of Amadeus Cho. While this latest issue further explores the playing field as Jennifer Walters is forced to make a tough choice while spending nearly a decade in a terrifying role, Banner’s shadow looms large as this story focuses more on the sins of the past and attempting to make right with the decisions that each of the “Gamma Family” has made in the past. This issue feels a tad weaker than previous installments that came before but only slightly so. Pak is clearly firing on all cylinders with this return to Planet Hulk and I’m looking forward to seeing what the writer has in store.

  • 65

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3 finally lays out the true epic plan of the villains at large. However, it does so with little to no build-up, surface-level content, and flashy images of Hulk and their compatriots in order to dazzle the eyes. Like any good magician, Pak is providing readers with a wonderful sleight of hand to make us feel invested in the story without providing context, character depth, or background in a cliff notes style approach. Truthfully, there is so much potential within these pages for a great story if someone was willing to invest the time and iron out a meaningful tale. Sadly, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

    I’ve hung in there for three issues and frankly, I wouldn’t recommend picking up Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3 nor would I recommend jumping into the series. This isn’t the recent Maestro comics from Peter David. I’m sure that was the attempt with Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker but sadly it isn’t even close. Readers, there is so much story here that’s entirely untapped. Think of the She-Hulk angle. Or the Cho creating the Haarg story. Or why and how Banner went into solitude. There is just so much meat left on the bone with so much potential for great stories that I can’t help but feel disappointed with what appears to be a rushed story to draw Hulk fans into a narrative simply by name alone.

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    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3 takes big steps forward in the plot to take the fight to the Grand Priestess in a bid to save the Haarg children. However, the GrandPriestess’s grand plan is revealed in full, and it doesn’t pay off the build-up, leaving you with an unsatisfied feeling that this series was just another excuse for Hulk smashing.

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    Major Spoilers

    This comic feels like it lost some of the direction of previous issues. There aren’t the themes of family, imposter syndrome, and trauma that are relevant in previous issues. However, much information is given to you that may set a satisfying conclusion. With that in mind, 3 out of 5 stars for Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #3.

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