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Phantom Road #3

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FBI agent Theresa Weaver arrives at the scene of Birdie’s car crash to assist the local officers. Although the Feds know more about the Phantom Road than they are willing to let on, Agent Weaver will need to crack the case quickly before more mutilated bodies appear.

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  • 90


    Writer Jeff Lemire has performed a significant pivot in this issue – and it’s a welcome change. The first two installments didn’t live up to Lemire’s usual stellar storytelling abilities. This time, though, he’s veering into the realm of police procedurals. But there’s nothing standard about this story. While familiar, it’s quite compelling.

    Despite a lackluster cover, Gabriel H. Walta’s artwork seems to benefit from the story shift as well. Instead of lots of featureless creatures chasing a tractor trailer through a desert, he gets to draw cops, motels and some service stations. He also, quite unexpectedly, depicts Weaver in the shower. It’s pretty much full frontal, and definitely NSFW.

    Jordie Bellaire’s colors help to bring our reality to life, particularly when compared to the drab neutral tones in the alt world. There aren’t many bright colors in the book, but when they appear, the pop that much more.

    It will be interesting to see how long Lemire and the creative team stick in the more interesting real-world part of the story or if they will immediately shift back to the alt reality. Perhaps they will juxtapose the related tales together. There’s no doubt that this team can pull off just about anything. It should be refreshing to see what happens next.

  • 90


    Phantom Road has been a wild ride, and this issue is the best in the series so far. This latest installment recontextualizes plenty of details established in previous issues. Hints sprinkled throughout the issue point toward characters not being who they say to be. Even Agent Weaver’s bosses seem like they know more about the Phantom Road than they are letting on. So, not only is there more to reveal about the parallel world, characters we’ve met have plenty more to reveal about themselves as well. With the issue’s final few pages dropping surprise after surprise, the final cliffhanger will leave you deathly curious about where the story is going next.

  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Lemire expands the mystery into the real world and introduces a new character with a connection to the events happening to Dom and his passenger. I like that the story takes the main characters out of the action and focuses on the mission while also revealing certain clues that make the story more engaging. The deeper mystery and expanding cast of characters make me interested in seeing where the story goes next.

    The Art: Walta does a wonderful job of creating and sustaining the atmosphere of the story. The issue takes a more detective noir approach and the art emphasizes the emotion of the scenes while heightening the drama.

  • 82

    Comic Watch

    Phantom Road #3 readjusts mid-drive, changing lanes to a more compelling mystery and proactive character. Agent Weaver brings a new heat to this story, threading hints of her past on the Phantom Road with the events surrounding Dom and Birdie. The issue sprinkles hints at the larger mystery while also recapping a perspective of the first two issues. Much of the tension and rhythm of the issue is thanks to Walta’s layouts and organic but intrusive flashbacks. Bellaire’s haunting color palette ensures that the change in time and place is never confusing, while still matching that unexpected shift.

  • 80

    Phantom Road goes full X-Files in its newest issue, introducing a no-nonsense FBI agent trying to investigate to the mysterious appearance of one of the demons, zombies, or whatever those things are in the “regular” dimension. The framing device allows Lemire to lay down some healthy exposition through the means of an investigation, rather than info-dumping the answers all at once. That said, the mystery only continues to grow as this web is weaved into one wild tale.

  • 75

    Nerd Initiative

    Lemire, Walta and the team put the spotlight on a character adding a new element to an already combustible situation. Solid storytelling and artwork keep things rolling as the highway to horror shifts gears into a new lane for readers to follow.

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