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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #74

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Peter Parker agrees to investigate Debra Whitman’s mental health issues but refuses to impersonate Spider-Man to help her. Meanwhile, as Spider-Man, Peter tries to stop Doctor Octopus and the Owl from stealing a device component but fails as the Owl escapes with it. As Parker, he interrogates people close to Debra to uncover the root of her problems.

While Doctor Octopus attempts to steal another component from the Kingpin, Peter discovers that the original component has already been stolen by an unknown person, leaving a fake one behind. Biff Rifkin informs Peter that Debra is married and fled from an abusive marriage.

During a confrontation between Doctor Octopus and the Owl, where they fight over the stolen components, Peter decides to reveal his identity as Spider-Man to Debra. However, the plan backfires when Debra realizes Peter wore the Spider-Man costume to help her. She decides to rebuild her life, starting with returning home and divorcing her abusive husband.

Peter returns home as Spider-Man and encounters the Black Cat, who possesses the stolen device from the Kingpin.

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    A solid issue this one. The Ock/Owl war is heating up nicely. Whatever Ock is planning it’s big. And he’s not letting anyone stand in his way.

    It was nice to see the Debra Whitman situation finally resolved. With the harsh past she has, it was good to see that she has so many people who care for her. A happy ending for Deb, just what she deserved.

    As for Black Cat’s return, well this spells trouble, for her that is. She has the activator that Ock wants. And you better believe he’s going to get it.

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