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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #73

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Peter Parker is approached by Bailey Kuklin, the psychiatrist of Debra Whitman. Kuklin asks for Peter’s help in solving Debra’s mental issues, as she believes Peter is Spider-Man. Peter needs time to consider the request. Later, Joe Robertson contacts Peter and asks him to be present at the trial of Fred Slade, known as the Boomerang.

During the trial, the Boomerang escapes using his boomerang skills and takes a hostage. Peter changes into Spider-Man and easily captures the Boomerang. As Peter reverts to his civilian identity, he notices suspicious individuals who were hoping for the Boomerang’s escape. Peter uses a spider-tracer to track them.

As Spider-Man, Peter follows the tracer and discovers the Owl’s new hideout. He arrives just as Dr. Octopus proposes an alliance between the two villains. Peter fights both criminals, but despite his efforts, the Owl and Dr. Octopus manage to escape. When he returns home, Peter decides to assist Kuklin in finding a cure for Debra’s problems.

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    This was a solid start to the Owl/Octopus gang war arc. The best kind of Spidey stories are those which manage to weave several elements into them. In this case we have Peter’s problems like his final exams, Debra Whitman believing he’s Spider-Man, and the extreme measures Peter must take to help her.

    Then we have Spidey’s life, which is filled with villainous activity. Boomerang, the Owl, and best of all Doctor Octopus. Ock is back, and is already running true to form by betraying the Owl and planning to take on this mysterious scheme they’ve got planned alone.

    What are they planning?? Will the Owl seek revenge against Ock?? Will Peter help Debra Whitman??

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