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Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #72

Ollie Osnick, a fan of the super-villain Dr. Octopus, becomes excited when he learns that his favorite villain has escaped from prison. However, when he shares the news with his fellow “super-villains” at a club, they mock him, causing him to leave and embark on his own super-villain career using homemade imitation Dr. Octopus arms.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man returns home to find his apartment has been burglarized. He tracks down the thieves, recovers his stolen belongings, and resumes his patrol. During his patrol, he encounters Ollie robbing a toy store and attempts to apprehend him. Spider-Man easily disables Ollie’s octopus arms and realizes that Ollie is just a child. Instead of arresting him, Spider-Man decides to take him away from the scene, believing that Ollie has learned his lesson.

Back at Ollie’s home, he becomes obsessed with Spider-Man and tries to imitate the superhero’s abilities, abandoning his damaged Octopus gear. Meanwhile, the real Dr. Octopus stumbles upon Ollie’s discarded equipment and mocks its primitive construction. Lastly, Debra Whitman seeks help from her psychiatrist, convinced that she is losing her sanity.

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